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everywomanSelect is your on-demand training solution.

Choose one of our everywomanSelect packages, and your small businesses, corporate team or women’s network unlocks immediate access to themed digital classes and workbooks that can be utilised for events like International Women’s Day and Learning At Work Week, or simply for the ongoing support of your valued female talent. We look forward to launching new packages throughout the year and are always open to requests — you can use the contact form below to tell us if there’s something you’d love to see here.

Once you’ve downloaded a package, your webinars and workbooks are yours to keep, with no restrictions on the number of attendees from your company.

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Diversity & Inclusion Package

D&I is a priority for every forward-thinking workplace, but many teams need support putting their values into practice. This short course will help you by encouraging courageous conversations and self-exploration when it comes to all things related to diversity, equality and inclusion.

This package contains two classes and one workbook. 

Cost: £ 745.00

Self-discovery Package

The way we think about ourselves and our abilities shapes our lives and our careers. This package introduces a range of fascinating ideas to help develop greater self-awareness and an understanding of our workplace behaviours. It’s a great opportunity to provide your team with new ways to power up their thinking, and become their own greatest asset in life and in work.

This package contains four classes and one workbook.

Cost: £ 995.00

Trending Package

This is a package that’s already had the thumbs up from everywomanNetwork members, which means that your people will be accessing some of the most attended online classes and most popular workbook of recent times.

There’s no overarching theme of this package — instead, you’re getting a range of fascinating topics that will provide your people with a broad range of thinking and inspiration.

This package contains four classes and one workbook.

Cost: £ 1,245.00

You & Your Wellbeing Package

This is a great opportunity to bring your team together with a holistic learning package that puts individual and team wellness under the spotlight. We all know how important wellbeing practices are, but finding the time to implement them can be tricky.

With this package, you’ll have the time to focus in on a range of wellbeing-related topics, from how to build powerful habits to a daily mindfulness practice.

This package contains five classes and one workbook.

Cost: £ 1,125.00

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