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D&I is a priority for every forward-thinking workplace, but many teams need support putting their values into practice. This short course will help you by encouraging courageous conversations and self-exploration when it comes to all things related to diversity, equality and inclusion.

This everywomanSelect package contains two classes, one workbook, further reading and email templates to make it as easy as possible to share across your team.

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Managing conflict in an inclusive way

Research has found that 85% of people are afraid of conflict. And that the greater the diversity of the workforce, the greater the potential for conflict. In this class, we’ll examine how we can celebrate diversity while embracing the inevitable conflict that can arise from it. We’ll explore the five conflict modes and how and when we can use them. We’ll also discover what is underneath any conflict, and how to understand and accommodate different needs in an inclusive way.

Key Takeaways

Your everywoman expert: Alina Addison

A former investment banker and Head of Trading with Rothschild, Alina went on to found her trailblazing executive coaching company, with a focus on delivering leadership programmes with emotional intelligence at their heart. She has an EQ certification from RocheMartin, to administer and interpret EQ psychometric reports.

Your everywoman expert: Pippa Isbell

After a long and successful career in the leisure and hospitality sector — which saw her hold positions including Partner at Voyager Hotels, and Chief Executive of and Vice President at Orient-Express Hotels, Pippa now dedicates herself to helping women advance their careers. She specialises in building leadership presence.


Diverse and inclusive leadership: thinking beyond gender

This session is a companion class to the workbook that comes with this package.

One key task of a leader is to create a workplace community in which every member of the team can play their role, regardless of gender, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, age or religion. But with greater awareness of the benefits of a diverse team, there is sometimes fear — of saying or doing the wrong thing, of causing offence or excluding someone. In this class, we look at how inclusive leaders can draw benefit from diverse approaches and points of view, and how these things can be spoken about in an environment of openness and trust.

Key Takeaways

Your workbook

Diverse and inclusive leadership:
thinking beyond gender

A fundamental task of leadership is to create a workplace community in which every team member, regardless of gender, race, different ability, sexual orientation, age or religion — to name but a few of the differences in the human race — can pull together to work as a team and harness the strengths that come from that diversity.

This workbook looks at the different characteristics of the people who make up teams and how those differences can be harnessed to positive effect.

Your everywoman expert: Pippa Isbell

Key Takeaways

Cost: £ 1,500.00

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