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A step change in culture starts at the top

With the number of women on FTSE 100 boards in the UK now at 25%, the drive for gender equality in the workplace is building real momentum so now it’s more important than ever that we:

  • Close the gender pay gap
  • Develop female talent at all levels in all sectors to create strong pipelines
  • Shine the spotlight on female role models so they inspire those coming up behind them

This is why our Ambassadors are so important to us here at everywoman.

Ambassadors are the senior level men and women who are driving gender diversity strategically across their organisation and sectors.

The champions of change, they are the voices that will help us drive this agenda.

We believe our Ambassadors will encourage other business leaders to strive for gender equality and ultimately drive the step change required.

We are immensely proud of all our Ambassadors and the meaningful change in gender diversity created through these working partnerships. 

everywoman Ambassador Michael Keegan talks about gender diversity in technology.


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Improving the female talent pipeline


Kari Daniels, Tesco, on why hearts and minds are key to diversity.

Ed Alford, BP, shares his thoughts on why diversity starts at school.

Larry Hirst CBE discusses the compelling business case for gender diversity.

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