Overcoming imposter syndrome – Live discussion

Imposter syndrome — a fear of getting ‘found out’, experienced by an individual who doubts their skills and accomplishments, often putting successes and achievements down to luck — can impact anyone, at any stage of their career. But it’s thought that women, and particularly those operating in male-dominated sectors, are more susceptible to IS — in a 2020 report, KPMG found that 75% of executive women have personally experienced imposter syndrome at different points in their career. It is important for individuals and organisations to understand the feelings of self-doubt associated with imposter syndrome, in order to create a work environment which fosters a sense of belonging and ownership of achievement. This webinar will offer practical solutions to help achieve this, as well as demonstrating to attendees with IS that they are not alone.


Panel members include:

Sarah Burnett, Operations Director, Serco Justice & Immigration

Sarah Burnett
Sarah started her career in HM Prison Service in the early 1990s and has extensive experience in the Justice & Immigration sectors in both the public and private sector. Having moved to Serco in 2010, Sarah has enjoyed a variety of roles and for the past 4 years she has led delivery of a portfolio of services encompassing Asylum Accommodation & Support; Immigration Removal Centres, Secure Escorting of Prisoners and Young People; and Secure Police and Borders Services. She is the UK & Europe Chair of Serco’s Inspire Committee which celebrates the diversity and contribution of women’s voices across Serco and aims to break down barriers to enable all colleagues to thrive.

Claire Stirrup – Sales Director, UK & Ireland, Celebrity Cruises

Claire Stirrup
Claire has over 30 years’ experience in Travel & Tourism. From a young age, Claire always wanted to travel and pursue a career in the industry. When Claire left school, she joined an apprentice programme in Travel & Tourism to kick start her career in the industry.

Claire’s career has spanned the retail travel sector, commercial and cruise roles along with experience as cabin crew

Claire joined Royal Caribbean Group 9 years ago and has worked the last 8 years at Celebrity Cruises. During her time at Royal Caribbean Group, Claire has had multiple roles and is now Sales Director for UK & Ireland heading up a team of 22, including sales, training, trade marketing and trade support

Charlie Clarey, European Digital Retail Manager, Samsung

Charlotte Clarey
Charlie has over 20 years’ experience across a range of highly competitive fast-paced industries such as cinema, hospitality, horticultural retail and global electronics. These industries have seen her in roles as Restaurant and Cinema Manager, Brand Marketing Executive, Partnerships Manager, Project Management and Digital retail analytics. Charlie is also an active and passionate supporter of Diversity & Inclusion within the workplace, especially focused on empowering females. She sits on the leadership team of Women@Samsung, an employee resource group who strive to create a more diverse workforce to benefit all. Her overall passion is to help female owned businesses use and understand marketing to drive and grow their business using her years of corporate experience.

Nabs Banerjee, Managing Director, Accenture

Charlotte Clarey
Nabs has over 20 years of IT experience, working in both Sales and Delivery with Financial Services clients across the world. Currently, Nabs is Market Unit Delivery Portfolio Lead for Australia and New Zealand clients. She is also one of the talent sponsors for Accenture India, spearheading new ways of working and talent transformation for her teams.

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