Is there an ambition gender gap? – Live Discussion

There is a persistent narrative that women are less likely to seek promotion, take risks or negotiate higher salaries, but are they really less ambitious than men? Evidence suggests not, and that both genders demonstrate similar levels of ambition in their early careers, and that a host of external factors combine to erode female ambition over time. Furthermore, studies suggest that women who display ambition are perceived negatively in the workplace.

The conversation delves into the meaning of female ambition, examining how we can challenge outdated notions surrounding ‘Career Women’ and debunk the myth of ‘having it all’. Our focus then shifts towards defining our own individual visions of success and celebrating our accomplishments, as well as all that we can achieve in the future.

Panel members include:

Faye Sykes, Senior Project Manager, Centrica

Faye is a Senior Project Manager who has over a decade worth of change and transformation experience working in the utilities industry, alongside this she also co-chairs the Centrica Women’s Network with the main aim of ‘Supporting women at Centrica to be their best and achieve their goals’. Faye enjoys both aspects of her career and nurtures an intersectional approach whilst striving to get the balance right between advocacy and activism within her co-chair role. Faye has two young sons who keep her extremely busy, mainly in the form of showcasing ‘new’ wrestling moves.

Carolina de la Paz, Latinoamerica Logistics Senior Manager, Lenovo Mexico

Carolina, a seasoned professional with 15+ years of experience and a master’s degree in International Business and Engineering, thrives on learning from diverse perspectives. Having lived in France and China, she values cultural immersion and its impact on her outlook. Carolina’s versatile career spans operations, procurement, project management, and business operations. Presently, she oversees logistics operations for Lenovo’s PC business in Latin America Spanish-speaking countries. A strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, Carolina founded the Women Enhancing Logistics (WEL) program at Lenovo. WEL fosters discussion, generates ideas, and highlights female role models within the Supply Chain, contributing to Lenovo’s diversity initiatives. Beyond her professional achievements, Carolina is a dedicated marathoner, balancing her career with a fulfilling family life, including her marriage and two children aged 9 and 7. Guided by the mantra “This is not a race but a marathon… let’s take the first step,” Carolina exemplifies determination and a commitment to long-term success.

Clio Dawkins, People Operations Director, Serco Group

Clio Dawkins is leading teams who deliver HR services across the UK and Middle East. Having worked in HR for over 20 years, in a variety of business partnering and shared service roles across public and private sectors, Clio is focused on driving innovation with a strong commitment to the customer. Alongside her day job, Clio chairs the Serco Inspire Women’s ERG and is passionate about improving opportunities for female talent, with a keen interest in women’s health in the workplace.


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