The World Economic Forum 2019 took place in Davos on 22-25 January, and – in terms of gender parity – the stats were disappointing. Just 22% of attendees were women, an increase of just 1% from last year.

winnie chiu dorsett hospitaly chinese hotel leader

Winnie Chiu has been president of Dorsett Hospitality International since 2011 and in that time has successfully brought the Chinese hotel group to the UK, opening two hotels, with several more in the pipeline.

brotopia emily chang

Clearly, in light of recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment, the undermining of women in the workplace, and the subsequent #MeToo movement, tech isn’t the only industry guilty of sexism and misogyny.

Davos World Economic Forum Chaired Women

This year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) of global leaders and CEOs in Davos, Switzerland is to be chaired entirely by women for the first time in the organisation’s 48-year history.

iceland gender pay gap women law equal pay

The gender pay gap hit the New Year headlines with the news that Iceland has become the first country in the world to bring in a revolutionary equal pay law.

Jolanta Alexander Mann Solutions AMS Gantkowska

Jolanta Gantkowska is Director of Operations Poland at Alexander Mann Solutions, with responsibility for its Service Centre in Gdańsk, Poland – which she helped to set up in 2015 – and for developing the company’s further Service Centre strategy across mainland Europe.

generation z workforce diverse

One study found that 64% of workers believe that there are fundamental differences in how each of the employees in the above scenario will work, and nearly two thirds (63%) expect workplace tensions to increase as a result.

international women's day diversity inclusiveness

International Women’s Day calls on every woman, everywhere, to take charge of her own career progression through bold action.

As you conduct your daily business, your thinking is likely limited to the boundaries of your current workspace - the immediate priorities on your boss’s workload, the emails at the top of your inbox, the goals and deadlines needing attention right here, right now.