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Carol Morris from Barclays

The Barclays senior manager takes us through her working day, sharing the strategies for success that she’s honed throughout her ‘plan B’ career in tech...

Alice Boaten, everywoman in Retail Woman of the Year 2019

Meet everywoman HERO Alice Boaten, whose remarkable career at Sainsbury’s Argos made her the standout winner at the 2019 everywoman in Retail Awards.

Chess board, strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is one of those business terms that can make us freeze. What is it? Why do we need it? And most importantly, how do we do it?

Emotional Intelligence

As artificial intelligence takes on more and more functional tasks in the workplace, leaders are increasingly relying on their ‘softer skills’ to make an impact.

Straight Allies in the Workplace rainbow flag

With more than one third of LGBT workers in the UK hiding their orientation for fear of discrimination, straight allies play a crucial role in ensuring they experience full equality in the workplace.

Dr Anino Emuwa

Food, culture and networking are the cornerstones of Dr Anino Emuwa’s hectic travel schedule...

Cyber bullying

This month’s Incognito blogger tells us how a new marketing strategy for her business ended in a campaign of online abuse…

Facebook Product Manager Namrata B.

Namrata B. is a Product Manager for the Community Integrity team in Facebook’s London office. Before joining Facebook, Namrata founded and led POPxo.com, an online community for Indian women to safely connect on personal issues. Here’s her story.

Sunday Night Stress

Research by Aviva suggests that work anxiety is having a detrimental effect on a huge portion of the workforce.