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Transactional analysis

If your relationship with your boss is a source of frustration, confusion or even anger, ‘transactional analysis’ may offer you a solution.

public speaking

Three expert coaches give their advice to an everywomanNetwork member desperate to improve her confidence around public speaking in her leadership role…

Happy balloons

Experts say we can nurture a joyful state in ourselves — both in and outside work — using the ten keys to happier living, distilled from a review of the latest psychological research...

hybrid working

With hybrid working on the horizon for many people, the way we manage and optimise our professional lives is again in transition. Blending remote and office work will require a new set of expectations, and a need for clarity, agility and emotional intelligence.

Imposter Syndrome

Some psychologists now insist that Imposter Syndrome isn’t ‘always good’ or ‘always bad’...


Being authentic — what does it actually mean and how can we challenge ourselves to be more of it? It all starts with having some difficult conversations with yourself, says EQ expert Alina Addison.

Menopause webinar

More than just a conversational taboo in the workplace, the menopause is also a cause of confusion among those who actually experience it. Take our quiz and find out how much you know about this potentially life-changing transition…

team meeting

With the world of work undergoing rapid transformation, isn’t it time you shook up the way you run your meetings too? Try one of these six creative ways to run a meeting that can offer real — and often unexpected — benefits to your team.

Amaon everywoman Transport and Logistics Awards
London, 8th July 2021: The winners of the 2021 Amazon everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards have been announced. Now in their 14th year, the awards celebrated 16 outstanding individuals...

Three experts give their advice to an everywomanNetwork member concerned about Covid safety as she transitions to hybrid working from homeworking…