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Interview technique

When an experienced hiring manager found herself on the other side of the desk as an interviewee she discovered that good practice is not always a given…and how valuable it can be to see your role from another perspective…

NatWest everywoman Awards - trophies

The 18th annual NatWest everywoman Awards today celebrated the UK’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs, recognising their outstanding achievements.


Take our quiz to discover your natural negotiating bias — and how you can upskill to get even better outcomes…  


In this month’s Incognito, one woman talks about negotiating her career while also battling a drinking problem — and how the Covid-19 lockdown period allowed her to tackle her relationship with alcohol and finally get sober, allowing her to reclaim her life, sense of self and career.

Home Working Space

How we use our space — physically, psychologically and virtually — hugely impacts on our mental wellbeing as well as our productivity when remote working. We call on interior design and wellbeing experts to overhaul your environment and make it work harder for you.

Elena Rodriguez-Falcon

Elena Rodriguez-Falcon shares her tried-and-tested strategies for turning obstacles into opportunity, whatever your industry.

Ask for help

Few of us enjoy asking for help, and the fear that doing so will reflect badly on us leads many women to soldier on alone long after we’ve reached the edge of our own capability — practically or emotionally.

Soft Skills

In the midst of unprecedented technological advancements, a recent report declared that ‘soft skills will reign’.

Where are you on the growth-fixed mindset scale?

Change makers, innovators and consistent high achievers all possess a certain quality that springboards them to success.

Tina Dhawan

A multitasking superstar, Tina walks 10,000 steps before breakfast, says picking up the phone can solve even the toughest problems, and has this advice for anyone who, like her, struggles to present in front of large audiences...