Hester Larkin on mantras, sponsors & networking

Find confidence boosters, work sponsors and make networking a priority! everywomanClub member Hester Larkin, Managing Director at Hester Larkin Associates, shares her personal journey and some of her best advice to achieve what you want in your career.

Despite having a natural sense of confidence, Hester developed a personal mantra to help her feel in control ahead of taking her first management job. It’s been a tool she’s used ever since, repeating the mantra and adapting it to a range of challenging situations over the past ten years.

Having had many sponsors, coaches and mentors in her own career, Hester is passionate about sharing the gift of leadership coaching with others. But reaching out to as many women as possible is made all the easier by networking – something Hester has embraced since she started working in the corporate world. Now she runs her own business, networking remains is as fundamental as ever.

While networking and an innate sense of confidence are undoubtedly essential, Hester’s number one tip is altogether more simple: “The most important thing is to be happy,” she explains. “If you’re happy, then success will come. I also think that if you’re passionate and you choose something that you’re passionate with, you will become happy doing that.”

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