Podcast: Rev. Joanna Jepson discusses the meaning of faith, both religious and non-religious in 2020

Reverend Joanna Jepson


In the latest everywoman podcast episode, author, broadcaster and coach Rev Joanna Jepson discusses the role of faith, both religious and non-religious in ourselves, our community and our world, in how we approach life’s challenges. She discusses her approach to faith — and losing faith — in her own career, which includes being the first chaplain to the London College of Fashion and an army chaplain— and the role it played in moving her to ordination at 24 with a lack of role models in the Church to lead the way.


01:06 – What is faith?

04:40 – You can still have faith as an atheist, can’t you?

11:40 – Does faith help you believe you can do more?

13:10 – Does it help you make better sense of the world?

16:26 – Have you ever lost your faith?

19:59 – Do you have to learn to sit with things to make sense of them?

22:20 – How does someone get that same comfort without a God?

23:52 – Being a woman in the Church and the army must through up some challenges?

27:10 – Are these structures important to help evolve the role of women?

29:45 – Tell me about your programme in the Louisiana State Penitentiary

34:04 – What is your next big challenge?

34:54 – How are you going to approach that?

35:51 – What is your big wish for next year?


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