Podcast: How to be happier, according to mystery writer Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah


What is happiness and how can we have more of it, in every sphere of our lives? That’s the million-dollar question that New York Times bestselling author Sophie Hannah sets out to answer in her latest title. 


Though this non-fiction title is a departure from her usual genre, Sophie Hannah employs the devices better known to her crime fiction detectives: she analyses the evidence, from ancient texts by Aristotle to holding late-night sessions with American life coaches, navigating plenty of twists and turns along the way before presenting her theory. 


In our latest everywomanBookClub podcast, host Rebecca Lewis uncovers more on Sophie’s theory — her struggles with happiness as a concept, why it’s our thoughts that create our feelings without exception, and how perhaps the true meaning of happiness is accepting that the human experience contains a mixture of all emotions — positive and negative. 


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