Knowing your strengths and believe in yourself


Most of us are highly aware of our weaknesses and lack of skills. We over analyse them, we worry about them and we spend a great deal of time (too much time) trying to fix them. By focussing so much time and attention on our weaknesses we can negatively affect our mental outlook and consequently our effectiveness and happiness in all walks of life.

Believe it or not it takes less energy to focus on and build our existing strengths. It’s like that fact that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown.

So how do we go about building on our strengths? Well first things first… you need to find your dominant strengths.

Take a good look at yourself (try looking in a mirror). Now write down your strengths on separate Post-its or something similar, all of them. Don’t be shy about it writing them all down. Now spread them out on a surface or stick them to a wall. Spend some time looking at them and thinking about them. Next take away the one you’re not too sure about, then the next least likely to be a real strength and so on until you have only three or four left.

These will be your dominant strengths, your foundation to build on and your platform to launch from. Start now to think about the best way to utilise these existing strengths in all aspects of your life. Remember you don’t have to learn a new skill or develop a new talent, you’re simply taking something you already have and using it more effectively. Once you start doing this you will subliminally begin to communicate your dominant strengths to your friends, family and colleagues.

Step-by-step you will become known for these strengths which will create a momentum which in turn helps further build your core strengths. And now the last thing on your mind is any weakness you may think you may have.

Okay this is a massive simplification. It does take time, commitment and guidance. And the good news is that the everywoman workbook Knowing your Strengths guides you through some steps that will help you uncover, harness and utilise your dominant strengths. Take a look here (log in to access)   


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