everywomanChangemakers special: Male violence against women

Diversity and Inclusion
In this special everywoman:Changemakers podcast episode we discuss the issue of male violence toward women with guests Tabitha Morton from the Women’s Equality Party, Ngozi Fulani and Rose Lewis from Sistah Space, Chris Green of White Ribbon UK and Jamie Klingler from Reclaim These Streets — and ask where and how change can and should happen…and whether it is happening fast enough.


Male violence and intimidation against women is a universal problem; it exists in every country in the world, at all socioeconomic levels and within all ethnicities. It is a problem of abuse of power, of silenced voices and often of a lack of accountability.

In the UK, misogyny is finally set to be recognised as a hate crime – something that will pass into law this autumn. But it has taken years, if not decades, of campaigning to push it over the line, Why? And why are we still debating the question around whether male violence toward women is acceptable in any society, in any form?




Chapter 1 - Tabitha Morton, Women’s Equality Party

0:50 - Is there a lack of impetus?

1:59 - Are women given less power or less importance?

4:01 - Do we start with cultural change or legislation?

6:28 - Would it help to have more women in positions of power?

7:14 - What is the change you would like to see and when?







Chapter 2 - Ngozi Fulani & Rose Lewis, Sistah Space

10:57 - Introduction

11:44 - Ngozi - What are the specific challenges facing Black and African heritage women

13:56 - Rose - What needs to happen?

15:06 - Rose - How would proper funding help?

17:14 - Rose - The effects of racism

18:59 - Rose - Does there need to be community cultural change?







Chapter 3 - Chris Green, White Ribbon

21:46 - Introduction

22:27 - Why did you set up the charity?

24:09 - Are men actually well informed on the subject?

25:41 - Is it important men take action, and why has the onus been on women to act?

28:05 - Is it down to role models?

31:10 - Have your own assumptions and biases been challenged?

33:37 - Does there need to be a period of men being uncomfortable in order to progress change?








Chapter 4 - Jamie Klingler, Reclaim These Streets

36:05 - Introduction

36:46 - What made you step up?

39:48 - How should people get involved and make an impact?

41:59 - What did you learn personally, from your involvement, and what change would you like to see?






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