everywomanChangemakers Podcast: Let's talk about you: Why Challenging conversations with our daughters can lead to powerful outcomes

Wellbeing, Confidence, Communication
How can we help our daughters fulfil their potential and achieve success in a challenging modern world? For Jo-Wimble-Groves, author of new book Rise of the Girl, it all starts with the conversations we have with them…

Businesswoman, blogger and mum, Jo Wimble-Groves wants young women to connect with their power and potential and to shine. That was the mission behind her new book Rise of the Girl, out on October 7th 2021, which aims to provide a bridge for parents and daughters to talk together about some of the common issues holding girls back – from poor self-esteem to lack of self-belief. In the book, she offers guided conversation starters and inspiring accounts to prepare girls and young women to do great things in their lives. Ahead of next month’s International Day of the Girl, we talk to Jo about the conversations to have, how to have them and why they’re so important.

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01:20 - Where did the idea for the book come from?

07:00 - Are these uniquely woman-to-woman conversations?

10:00 - How did you choose which conversations to put in the book?

12:41 - Were there any themes that stood out for you?

15:30 - How can comparisons help or hinder children at that point?

17:47 - How should we talk to teenagers?

19:38 - Would you recommend using the book as a conversation starter?

21:25 - Did you have conversations like this with your parents?

23:30 - Why do girls have this inverted focus then?

25:05 - Do you have different conversations with your sons to your daughter?

26:11 - What mindset should we adopt, and what change would you like to see?