The everywoman Customer Accelerator Programme – building your female customer base


It would stand to reason that any organisation would want to leverage this growth in wealth by building their female customer pipeline. However, with research proving that women behave in business differently and purchase differently, how can you make sure that your front-line sales, marketing and comms teams harness this knowledge for the commercial benefit of your business?

everywoman Customer Accelerator Programme objectives

Since 2012, everywoman has been delivering it’s impactful Customer Accelerator Programme, with clients including NatWest Bank (read the case study) and ATB Financial. Designed to enable customer facing teams to understand and connect with your female customer base in a way that ensures your business can thrive. Creating loyal brand ambassadors, (women are 7 times more likely to recommend a great purchasing experience) and increasing your market share and sales. All companies can benefit by making their purchasing experience more female friendly, however, those organisations in financial services, technology, electronics and automotive can especially benefit as these sectors are cited frequently for delivering a particularly bad purchasing experience for women.

Apart from the obvious commercial benefits of engaging with this growing lucrative market, the everywoman Customer Accelerator Program imparts a more nuanced understanding of customer needs. The program will: 

  • Motivate, inspire and give confidence to your customer facing, marketing and comms teams in their dealings with existing and potential female customers
  • Minimise the frustration borne out of the disconnect that sales and relationship managers have when faced with the different behaviours of female purchasers
  • Finesse your sales processes to align with the way women want their purchasing experience to be


Officially Accredited Programme

Chartered Banker Institute

The everywoman Customer Accelerator Program is accredited by the  Chartered Banker Institute. Every participant that passes the Accreditation will receive a certificate from the Chartered Banker Institute and everywoman Ltd. We can work with other governing and accredited bodies relevant to each sector. 


Working in partnership with

Institute of Bankers in South AfricaThe Institute of Bankers in South Africa is the sole professional body for Bankers and Financial Services Professionals in the Financial sector recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

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