Vidya Laxman

Technology Director, Tesco

Vidya Laxman has played 5 different roles at Tesco in 9 years. She is currently the Technology Director for channels and is responsible for retail and store platform globally across UK, Republic of Ireland and Central Europe.Vidya Laxman spearheads Tesco’s constant endeavour to stay ahead of the retail technology solutions curve and sponsors Women in Technology programme across Tesco Technology (India, UK, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. A Masters in Computer Science from Boston University set her on the path to becoming COO of Thoughtworks, before joining Tesco in 2014. She is on the advisory board of Tesco Innovation board and board of advisors for startups, Vidya is as passionate about diversity and inclusivity as she is about tech and is an integral part of Grace Hopper (Anita Borg Institute). When she isn’t leading high performing, cross-functional, culturally diverse teams spread over 3 continents, Vidya is a hard lady to catch as she’s busy chasing her next PB (personal best timing). An avid marathoner, she’s run the New York and Berlin marathons among several others.