Theodora Costley-White

Founder, Women in Tech Coterie

With over two decades of dedicated experience, Theodora Costley-White has cultivated a wealth of expertise as a technical leader, contributing to the success of both B2C and B2B brands, as well as esteemed agencies and technology platforms. Her versatile skill set encompasses the development of innovative solutions in digital workspaces, marketing, and operations, tailored for both domestic and international markets. Theodora possesses a deep understanding of Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Automation, AI, Machine Learning, and Product Development, applying her insights across software and IoT domains. Her proficiency extends beyond technology, as she adeptly bridges transformative tech initiatives with effective Change Management strategies.

Throughout her career, Theodora has held notable roles, including a Technology Director position at globally recognised companies like Microsoft and Taco Bell. Today, she channels her extensive experience in software engineering, product development, and digital transformation to offer valuable counsel to startups, assisting them in harnessing these technologies for sustainable growth.

Beyond her professional achievements, Theodora has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering diversity and well-being in the tech sector. In 2020, she founded the Women in Tech Coterie with local business support. Her unwavering dedication lies in empowering women in technology to unlock their potential and promoting a more inclusive and equitable industry.