Naomi Begum-Inglis

Global Sales Officer, Microsoft

Naomi Begum Inglis

Naomi is a seasoned executive who has worked in the consulting and technology industry for over 20 years, in large multinational companies around the world. As the Global Sales Officer for Accenture’s Microsoft Business Group, she leads the global sales teams to drive business transformation, innovation, equity and value to make a systemic difference to our clients and for our people.

Technology is at the center of her work and interests. It offers the ability to innovate, collaborate, and prepare for the future. From industry-specific solutions spanning cloud and security to new frontiers like the metaverse, and she pays close attention to emerging technologies.

She is passionate about ‘ethicity’, where projects we undertake make a positive, ethical impact on the world in some way. Naomi is well known for being a keen proponent of women in business. As an experienced leader, she is committed to developing future female leaders and supporting women to reach the next level in their career.