Rajani Rao

Principal Technologist, AVEVA

Rajani Rao, is a Principal Technologist at AVEVA. With over two decades of technological expertise, she has exemplified transformative leadership in her field. She specializes in creating scalable web and IoT solutions in the Cloud and has demonstrated meaningful technological change and innovation.  

Apart from her professional role, she is a devoted mother to two young girls and dedicates her spare time to empowering women and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.  

As an active speaker and panelist, Rajani contributes her expertise to various industry discussions, focusing on technology, engineering, and the advancement of women. Her skills also extend to her role as a technical advisor at Pixuate, a female-led startup tackling real-world problems using AI and machine learning.  

In her capacity as the Director of WomenWhoCode London, Rajani mentors and inspires fellow women in technology. She leads initiatives in technical skills, career progression, and book clubs, nurturing a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.  

Her commitment to empowering future generations of women led her to the role of fractional CTO at WInvest, a company aligned with her values of empowering women in financial investments and fostering a more inclusive financial ecosystem.  

Rajani’s contributions to innovation have been recognized with the prestigious Golden Leaf Award. She is also affiliated with the RSA and the BCS.   

Rajani envisions a future where technology, leadership, and diversity seamlessly merge to form an inclusive, innovative, and inspiring global tech ecosystem.