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Rebecca Hall
The managing director of fleet security and compliance technology specialist, HH Driveright, has been named a finalist for the Tech Innovator Award at the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards 2024.
Rebecca Hall is one of four finalists in a category sponsored by Amazon, in which there will be only one winner.
Rebecca’s achievement in making the finals, to be held at the Park Plaza London Riverbank on June 27, reflects her impact in a sector in which theft of vehicles and compliance issues are major risk management threats for fleet operators of all kinds.
She has led the way in highlighting why fleet managers need to arm themselves with a wraparound level of protection, following an App, Track and Protect philosophy that will help them safeguard their businesses against the major threats.
Furthermore, she has developed award-winning, easy-to-use solutions within all three stages of this protection philosophy. The most important part of her contribution to the sector, however, has been her relentless drive to make these solutions affordable, so they are not just available to the biggest fleet operators.
Evidence of this has this year been shown throught the launch of HH Driveright’s new S7 GPS tracker. This is a top-drawer tracking device, with full Thatcham Approval, but comes without the typical industry price-tag.
It can be adopted by a fleet at a fraction of the cost of comparable tracking devices. Only a small down-payment is required and the fleet manager can then fit the device and pay for it, over a period of time, through a monthly subscription payment. Once all the payments are tallied, the saving to the fleet can be a phenomenal one, compared to other options. Furthermore, it can have an immobilisation feature added.
Other successes driven by Rebecca Hall have been those of dramatically reducing thefts from delivery vehicles, through the use of HH Driveright’s GM 2020 device. This retrains drivers and cures bad habits, as well as offering protection, by immobilising an unlocked vehicle after 10 seconds, if a driver does not respond to an audible alert. Re-mobilisation is swift, if all is well, and the driver quickly learns that locking their delivery vehicle is a must-do.
Last year, the largest courier fleet client of the telematics specialist saw vehicle and goods theft incidents drop by 82%, in high-risk areas of the UK in which its parcel delivery vans are fitted with HH Driveright’s GM 2020. In non-high-risk areas, in which its vans were not fitted with the GM 2020, there was a 42% increase in thefts.
Rebecca Hall has already passed the interview stage of the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards to become a finalist. She says, “I am delighted to represent women in the technology segment of the transport and logistics industries, where women tend to be under-represented. Our solutions are developed thanks to my experience at the coal-face of the industry, within a courier business that needed affordable protection and compliance solutions that just did not exist. On this basis, every product we bring to market is one that I know has a role to play in the industry and that is what drives our continual innovation.”
The everywoman awards are intended to reward women like Rebecca, who play a significant role in inspiring other women to demonstrate innovation, skills, resilience and leadership and enjoy fulfilling careers in male-dominated industries.
Only 23% of the industry’s 1.5m employees identify as women and more than half of these are in non-transport-focused roles.