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Scaling up your business and exercising a high Growth Mindset

Scaling up can hold different meanings for different individuals. In this practical webinar in partnership with NatWest, a panel of successful female entrepreneurs will share their insights on key topics, including knowing the opportune moment for expansion, exploring various scaling approaches such as organic growth and acquisitions, fostering a high-growth mindset, anticipating potential challenges, and exchanging best practices and advice. 

Expanding your Business Internationally: Advice from Global Entrepreneurs

Unlock your international business potential as a female entrepreneur. Tune in our free webinar with NatWest to learn from successful female founders who have expanded globally. Gain insights into strategic timing, funding options, overcoming challenges, and networking. Don’t miss this opportunity. Register now!

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Best practice in SME recruitment and retention

Recent Government figures show SMEs employ 61% of the total number of people employed by private sector companies. Despite benefiting from agile working in the early days, when they scale it can be hard to keep ahead of the game when it comes to competing with the HR resources of larger companies. This whitepaper follows a roundtable for SMEs sharing best practice around challenges and headwinds facing smaller employers, providing ideas for how to get the best talent.

Empower your business: 10 strategies for female entrepreneurs to scale up successfully

As a female entrepreneur, your journey to scaling up is exciting, challenging, and—as these everywoman Entrepreneur Award winners can attest—entirely possible…

Fun, financially rewarding and furthering female entrepreneurs: why YOU should consider becoming an angel investor

As women remain in the minority where angel investments are concerned, two experts highlight how closing this gap could accelerate female entrepreneurship in the UK…

How to expand your business internationally by the global entrepreneurs who have

Award-winning founders divulge how they successfully entered new markets and the lessons they’ve learned on the way…

Closing the funding gap must be the next priority for UK enterprise

Over two decades, female founder visibility and success have improved, but the funding gap remains a major hurdle for UK women in business. The everywoman Entrepreneur Awards, launched in 2003, spotlights and celebrates diverse female-led businesses, addressing the lack of role models. Everywoman continues to champion female entrepreneurship, collaborating with government, industry, and corporations to remove barriers to funding and business growth.