Suzy Dean

AddIn365, CEO

Suzy Dean

Suzy Dean founded Addin365 in 2015 as a young female CEO of 28 years old, a business that was entirely self-funded by her life savings of £26k. AddIn365 is a software product company, producing tools for the digital employee experience with its products helping with employee collaboration, communication and supported by AI technology, crucial in the new hybrid world of working.

AddIn365’s success over the past 7 years is clear. The company has grown from 8 employees in 2020 to 25 in 2022, with a recruitment plan for 10 further heads in 2023 to support the huge demand for AddIn365 products. They’ve won global contracts with WPP Group, Wincanton, St James’ Place, Wales and West Utilities and AstraZeneca to name a few. There are now 453,900 people globally using AddIn365 products, in 136 countries.

Suzy was brought up by a single mum, who took care of her and three siblings on an estate. This taught her to have a voice, have a go and to stick up for herself.

Suzy had her son when AddIn365 was two at a make or break period for the business but persevered, taking only 3 days off in hospital, then sitting at her home desk, babe in arms, continuing to try to build the business. In 2021 she had her second son, and during this pregnancy she grew her business 47%, bringing 16 new products to market and making her first million in profit, even during turbulent COVID times.

With Suzy’s focus of making a real impact, Addin365’s workforce is over 50% BAME and 45% female, with a core focus on hiring and retraining those from outside the industry to close the skill gap and gender stereotypes that she had experienced earlier in AddIn365’s birth.