Flavia Araujo-Rankin

London Medical Laboratory, Co -Founder CO-CEO

Flavia Araujo-Rankin

Flavia has founded and managed a range of successful businesses in the United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia including retail, import/export, and education. Recently her focus has been on service provision in the private healthcare market. It was her entrepreneurial vision and leadership which created LML. 

I developed love for healthcare at a very young age while helping at a local orphanage in Recife in Brazil. I organized food collections and basic health checks for young orphans in a very poor community. 

At the age of 20, I travelled to the Amazon rain forest to help as a hospital volunteer. This was a great experience and helped me really grow as a person, understanding human needs. This is when I developed many healthcare skills. 

From there, I worked at a Cancer hospital (Hospital do Cancer de Pernambuco) and then in 1998, I emigrated to England to study English, Medical Science, and business. Fast-forward 10 years, my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes; and of course, this was a potential life-changing event, which further fuelled my interest in clinical testing and a desire to make it accessible to all. 

Since my daughter was diagnosed, I have been an active fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, organizing, and hosting numerous events and concerts. 

In 2017, we launched London Medical Laboratory, which combined my interest in healthcare with experience gleaned from my business career.