Abigail Reid

Merwave, Founder

In 2020 I decided to embrace my natural wavy hair. I craved hair that makes me feel great. Hair that is unique to me.  

The problem was I could never find the right products or a simple process to achieve the desired result. Most products are catered for curly or straight hair. Cheap shampoos and conditioners cause damage.  

I spent fortunes on products. Hours on researching complicated, strict techniques. Only to end up with a limp mess. 

Fed up, I decided to create my own products and process. Products formulated for women with wavy hair. A process that was quick and easy.  

After months of research and testing, I finally found the perfect combo. Five healthy, lightweight products. One simple five-step system.  

My aim is for anyone with a natural wave to awaken and embrace their wavy hair. To look and feel great.  

I’m confident the Merwave range will achieve just that.