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It’s an uncomfortable truth that the vast majority of us has unconscious or ‘implicit’ biases, soaked up from our individual life experiences and the world around us. An online test, spearheaded by a team of social psychologists, has attempted to lift the veil on our underlying attitudes — making the unconscious conscious in regard to our beliefs about individuals based on everything from their race, class, age and gender, to their sexuality, disability and even body size. Becoming aware is an important step. But it’s the action we take in response to that new awareness that truly has the power to enhance diversity and inclusion levels in our workplaces — from who we hire, promote, mentor and sponsor, to how we build our networks. 

While some of the resources below are for our global community of everywomanNetwork members, many more are free to access. We welcome browsing from individuals and organisations who want to make inclusion an everyday reality. And should you wish to go further and require our help in creating a truly inclusive culture at your workplace, we’d love to hear from you

Unconscious bias: Most read

Unconscious bias quiz

Implicit bias is arguably the most significant psychological understanding of our times. But how clued up are you on its many complexities?

How to spot - and change - unconscious bias

Whether we choose to acknowledge or ignore it, unconscious bias is part of our lives and it can affect every decision we make...

Six ways to fast-track diversity and inclusion in a time of change

Head of Diversity and Inclusion for M&G, Mark McLane discusses how we can accelerate awareness and action in these times of change...

Unconscious bias: Thought leaders

Jacqueline De Rojas

The President of techUK asks ‘Where are the others?’ and suggests we all ask this question when faced with an absence of diversity.

Podcast: Tackling unconscious bias in an open working environment

Strat House founders, Rachel Clarke and Melanie Welsh discuss how their ‘future workplace now’ approach is helping to break the cycle of bias.

Ian Rand, Barclays

The CEO of Business Banking is a driving force behind Barclays’ strive for gender parity and elevating more women to positions of power.

Unconscious bias: Taking action

Quiz: How inclusive are you?

Inclusivity is a group effort, but as a leader you have a unique role to play in setting the pace and tone.

Diverse and inclusive leadership

This workbook — exclusive to our members — identifies the six key traits inherent in diverse and inclusive leadership.

Eliminating unconscious bias from your written communications4

In working to eliminate your biases, look at what you commit to paper, being mindful of the power of words and their impact.

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