The Wellbeing/ Advancement Equation: Solving for a Gender-Balanced Workplace

While pioneering in many ways, the tech sector also harbours unique stressors and barriers that impact women’s careers and personal lives differently.

As we continue our mission to empower and advance women professionally, everywoman is proud to present The Wellbeing/Advancement Equation: Solving for a Gender-Balanced Workplace in collaboration with Bupa. This paper presents the specific wellbeing challenges and needs of women currently working in the technology industry. It highlights a need for urgent interventions to be taken to strengthen the talent pipeline, increase female participation in every job function and sector, and build cultures of diversity and inclusion that are so important to both personal and organisational success.

This report is more than a compilation of data; it is a narrative of women’s lived experiences in tech. It speaks to the successes, struggles, advancements, and setbacks. By weaving together statistical findings with personal stories, everywoman and Bupa aim not only to shed light on the current situation but also to inspire meaningful action. As so many forward-looking tech organisations, large and small, seek to address their gender imbalance, attract, and retain more talented women and future-proof the talent pipeline, it is more important than ever that the issue of women’s wellbeing is brought out into the open.

Through this report, we seek to reaffirm our commitment to nurturing talent, advocating for change, and building a tech industry where women’s contributions are recognised, valued, and celebrated. It is a call to action for individuals, recruiters, policymakers, network leads, and business leaders to join us in this endeavour, driving forward a culture of inclusivity and respect that benefits everyone in the tech ecosystem.

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“At the heart of everywoman’s mission has been a commitment to ensuring that all women have access to the kind of development and leadership training that is so vital – not only for their career advacement, but for navigating the many hurdles they so often face as they progress. Our report highlights that women in technology – an industry which is still a long way off from reaching gender parity, and which has unique stressors for its employees – are particularly in need of gender-specific learning and development topics that remain ever-popular on everywoman’s platforms – dealing with imposter syndrome, challenging micro aggressions and becoming more visible to name a few. We urge technology employers to pay attention to what their female employees are telling them they need in order to thrive.”

Karen Gill MBE, Co-Founder of everywoman


Bupa Global & UK’s Platinum Membership of everywoman offers an exciting opportunity to leverage our respective areas of expertise to move the gender talent gap conversation forward, finding new and effective ways for everyone, employer and employee, to play their part in changing the current landscape.

Having delivered leadership development to over 200,000 women, everywoman has a deep understanding of what topic areas have most impact on career progression. We have been supporting women to advance their careers for 25 years.

Today, with 40% of our learning and development content having a wellbeing related theme, we recognise that work, family, and health responsibilities are intrinsically linked. We must take a 360

holistic view of the issues that can hinder or halt a woman achieving her career ambition in technology if we are to successfully address this ongoing challenge.

everywoman recognises that wellbeing is an essential element of both a woman’s professional growth and her broader ability to thrive in all aspects of her life. As such, we believe in a holistic approach to closing the gender gap in the workplace, incorporating wellbeing into many aspects of our leadership development training.

Bupa’s membership of everywoman enables us to collaborate in a way that reinforces this approach, offering comprehensive support to both employer and employee, ensuring both can play their part in driving the change both want to see for women working in technology.


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“Empowering women goes beyond just opening doors; it’s about creating an environment where their wellbeing is prioritised – a necessity if we require our tech workforce to keep up with the relentless pace of innovation. Our mission at everywoman is not just to elevate women’s professional status but to ensure they thrive in every aspect of their working life. This report is a testament to our commitment to making the tech industry a space where women are not just present, but are also healthy, valued and fulfilled.”

Maxine Benson MBE, Co-Founder of everywoman