everywoman in Tech Forum Agenda

The 2024 everywoman in Tech Forum equipped delegates with key skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders and ultimately advance into senior positions within their organisations.

See below for the 2024 agenda. The 2025 agenda will be announced later in the year.

Thursday 14 March 2024

09:15 GMT

Registrations opens

09:45 GMT

Opening remarks and welcome

09:55 GMT

Keynote: What it takes to get into senior leadership and how to have impact once you get there

Multi-award-winning technology entrepreneur, seasoned CTO, accomplished author, podcast host, and cancer thriver Avril Chester shares her remarkable journey of resilience, determination, and innovation, highlighting the pivotal moments and key lessons that propelled her from the world of tech entrepreneurship to the prestigious C-suite.

This session explores the multifaceted journey to senior leadership, from the initial aspirations to the attainment of key milestones along the way. Delegates will gain insights into the critical skills, attributes, and mindset shifts necessary to navigate the complexities of senior leadership positions effectively.

This session promises to inspire, motivate, and empower you to reach new heights in your own career and leadership endeavours.

Keynote Speaker:

10:15 GMT

Keynote: How the next wave of AI will transform the workplace

There have been many reports and debates about what a general artificial intelligence might mean for humanity and for the future of our jobs, with predictions as wide ranging as a Terminator-esque future or a world of luxury and leisure for all of humanity. AI expert Roxanne Anderson will cut through the hype to paint a picture of what we can expect from AI in the workplace in the foreseeable future and how it is likely to affect tech careers.

10:35 GMT

 Briefing: top tips for getting the most out of a mentee/mentor relationship

Led by IT leader and serial mentor Bebe Oladipo, this briefing will put you in the mindset for finding the right mentor or mentee at the forum and building a constructive relationship. It will challenge you to think about:  

  • What mentoring is and what it is not   
  • Determining the purpose and duration of the mentorship 
  • Setting up the frameworks for the relationship and making it sustainable  

10:45 GMT

Mentorship circles

In this session you will meet likeminded mentees sharing similar challenges in areas such as leadership style and skills, career planning and advancement, and confidence. Come prepared with 3-4 questions you have that your mentor will be able to help you with. This is your opportunity to make connections and walk away with a new relationship that can boost your career.

11:15 GMT

Morning Coffee

11:30 GMT

Case study panel: How new tech is being used by the frontrunners

Short, sharp case studies from top innovators sharing how they have deployed new tech in the business, the lessons they have learnt and the processes and rules they have put in place to safely deploy and leverage cutting edge tools such as:

  • Generative AI
  • Web3/blockchain
  • Digital twins
  • IoT and smart devices

Opening presenter and Moderator:

Case Study presenters include:

12:20 GMT

Power hour: How to be strategic in your tech career

Tara Rule rose through the ranks at Adobe & O2 by playing to her strengths and writing her own Rule Book. She is now an international positive psychology coach and she’ll be leading this powerful and reflective session focused on giving you the tools so you can create Your Rule Book by developing:

  • A personal brand statement
  • A clearer understanding on who you are. Your strengths and your passions.
  • Exciting goals you’re setting yourself
  • A clear direction of travel and your roadmap
  • Your pathway to success

13:20 GMT


14:20 GMT

Panel: My secret weapon for elevating team performance

Tech leaders share their favourite productivity boosters in this hands-on demo session with live Q&A.

  • How the tool was developed or selected and put to work in the business
  • Different ways tech teams are working and how the tools enhance these processes
  • Live demos of technologies and how they work for the team
  • The impact of these tools on producing greater outputs or higher quality of work
  • How I use performance data to publicise the team’s successes within the wider business


Panellists include:

15:00 GMT

Panel: Tech leadership styles: tapping into your strengths to become an engaging, authentic leader

  • Do we need to emulate alpha male qualities to be leaders? How can we normalise diverse feminine leadership styles? 
  • Turning your strengths into leadership super powers
  • Tackling affinity bias at the top levels of an organisation
  • How to be a visible role model for other women aspiring to climb the corporate ladder
  • Using seniority as a platform to enable other women to rise


Panellists include:

15:40 GMT

Afternoon coffee and networking 

16:00 GMT

Closing keynote: Adventure Awaits – Stepping Up & Into the Unknown

As a professional adventurer Sally Kettle knows a thing or two about stepping into the unknown! Having rowed across the Atlantic twice, and then embarking on a career as a professional adventurer, she’s faced life threatening situations in many remote regions around the world. She also knows the path into leadership can be draughting – her story will demonstrate that, with a little bit of courage and boldness, you too can take seemingly risky decisions and change the course of your life. 

16:25 GMT

Thank you and sum-up of the 2024 forum


16:30 GMT

Close of the 2024 forum 

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