15–21 May 2023
5 days to personal growth

Learning at Work Week encourages workplaces to invest in their employees’ learning and personal development journeys. To support this, everywoman has curated a week-long learning menu, with two class options for you to choose from each day, offering a range of topics around your personal and professional growth. We suggest blocking out half hour each day to watch your class. We hope you enjoy your journey towards personal growth.


On-Demand Webinar

The chemistry of wellbeing and your mood 

Wellbeing has become an ‘everyday’ term — we all know what it means and many of us are trying to achieve it. What we often forget is that wellbeing isn’t just a series of actions, such as doing more exercise or trying to get more sleep. As ambitious women, we sometimes end up ‘ticking’ the wellbeing boxes instead of really understanding the subtle changes in our mood which can have a significant impact on how happy we feel day to day.  In this class, we’ll look at your moods and the neurochemical processes behind them. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able make practical choices to shift your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.

On-Demand Webinar

Rewire your brain with tapping to ditch procrastination

It’s the day before a big presentation and you still aren’t writing your slides – you are procrastinating.  People with low self-confidence are prone to procrastinate more, with chronic procrastination leading to stress, anxiety and low levels of wellbeing.

Join Positive Psychology coach, Sharon Aneja, as she takes you through an EFT Tapping exercise to rewire your procrastination tendencies, bringing higher levels of productivity and achievement at work.


On-Demand Webinar

Increase your positivity and boost motivation

Whilst it is important to acknowledge your negative emotions as powerful catalysts for growth, positive emotions and feelings of inspiration can help restore resilience, helping you maintain motivation during times of stress.

In this webinar, Danielle Dakin will teach you how to create a ‘personal positivity intervention’ to promote mindfulness and wellbeing. Learning takeaway techniques to encourage a greater sense of support and help you grow, no matter the challenge.

On-Demand Webinar

Harness the power of stress
Women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress than men. When it comes to stress management it can be tempting to ignore your feelings of stress and anxiety rather than acknowledge them as tools for self-knowledge and growth.
In this webinar Positive Psychology coach Sharon Aneja will guide you through a psychological strategy that will help you change the reactions in your mind and body so stress becomes a competitive advantage rather than something to hide.


On-Demand Webinar

Knowing your why: Defining your values to live your best life

Before you can live your best life, you need to understand and establish your core values, both personal and professional. In this webinar, we’ll explore why understanding your values are key to living your truest life; how this knowledge helps strengthen your boundaries; and how you can better define your values and then design your life by them.

This webinar will empower to understand and establish your core values – personal and professional so that you can live  your best life.

On-Demand Webinar

Tackling the imposter syndrome- a two-pronged approach
Imposter Syndrome not only impacts confidence, but also prevents women from getting the most from their careers by stymying their authenticity.
In this webinar, Des Christofi will teach you to tackle the imposter phenomenon from the ground up. By questioning your own systems and biases, you will learn the influence you have on how you see yourself and question the mental frameworks you currently have in place, helping you effect lasting change in the workplace and beyond.


On-Demand Webinar

Manage your energy and master your rhythm

This webinar explores the steps to a creating a successful way of working to support you to thrive.
This webinar is for professionals seeking to understand their energy better and harness it to feel more in control and create a more aligned way of working.


On-Demand Webinar

Think like an athlete at work

Athletes approach their sport with a high-performance mentality, living in a growth mindset and using visualisation to bring them closer to their desired outcomes. In this session, women’s health expert Zana Morris will teach you how to apply the same mental strategies to your own work, bringing how athlete’s mentally approach significant events into how you can approach your career every day. 


On-Demand Webinar

Change-makers: Are you just weird enough? 

When we are trying to make change happen in an organisation it can be useful to pay attention to how ‘weird’ we are coming across to our colleagues.  If we are too different (too weird) to the culture we are trying to change then it’s likely we will be rejected, but we have to be weird enough to challenge the status quo. If you are trying to lead change in your organisation or community, there is a line to tread between being so radical that you get spat out, and blending into the norm so much that you don’t make anything happen. How do successful change-makers walk that line?

On-Demand Webinar

Rock the boat to start playing big
As women, we are often socialised to maintain the status quo, play small and not rock the boat. However, it’s key for career development that your voice is encouraged and respected.
In this session, expert trainer Katy Murray will share her practical methods for stepping into visibility. You will leave with a ‘visibility manifesto’, feeing buoyed up and ready not only to speak up, but to be seen.


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