Be Assertive
Listen to this bitesize masterclass in powering up your communication, from our queen of assertiveness, everywoman expert Jodi Goldman.
Jo Wimble Groves
How can we help our daughters fulfil their potential and achieve success in a challenging modern world?
Kelly McBride
We talk to Senior Vice President, Kelly McBride about the role diversity, or lack of it, plays in shaping the news agenda, why media ethics have never been more crucial to support progress, and the be
Joeli Brearley
Women are still paying the ‘motherhood penalty’ for wanting to work and have a family, with implications for health, wellbeing, finances and career success.
Elinor Cleghorn
We expect modern medicine to uphold principles of evidence and impartiality and to be free of prejudice, including around gender. But the history of medicine is founded on bias toward the male form...
Sally Howard
While women push forward to make gains in pay gaps, conquer professional arenas and increase parental choice, at home they still do the majority of the housework, as well as much of the emotional...
Violence Against Women podcast
In this special everywoman:Changemakers podcast episode we discuss the issue of male violence toward women with guests Tabitha Morton from the Women’s Equality Party, Ngozi Fulani and Rose Lewis from
Rita Clifton CBE
The classic advice for imposter syndrome sufferers is ‘fake it until you make it’, but this leader suggest a different approach... learning to love your imposter.
Lisa McAuley
The past 12 months have been somewhat of a masterclass in crisis management for business leaders, and none more so than for those in the travel industry - struggling to respond to limited global movem