Podcast:Manchester City’s Head of Women’s Football, Gavin Makel, on why the beautiful game is definitely one of two halves

Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership
We talk to Gavin Makel about how investment and attention is creating a strong business case for women’s football.


The summer of 2019 was all about women’s football – with all eyes on the Women’s World Cup. But while the tournament captured international imagination, the sport itself has been slowly and steadily growing in popularity away from the spotlight. With women banned from playing professional football until 1971 in the UK, there’s a lot of catching up to do to achieve gender parity. In this everywoman podcast episode, we talk to Gavin Makel, Head of Women’s Football at Manchester City FC about the challenges of evolving the game, and how investment and attention is now creating a strong business case for the women’s game, turning it into a real career path - and providing a passion for a whole new audience of football fans.