Podcast: Travel sustainability and supporting female education in remote areas

Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership
In the latest everywoman podcast sustainable luxury travel expert Juliet Kinsman discusses what global travel might look like post-pandemic, and the positive impact that global travel can play in supporting and empowering local economies.


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry is under immense pressure, as curtailed global movement continues to have a massive impact on all aspects. Around 10 percent of the world work in the travel industry in some way, and it is those on the ground at the bottom of the supply chain, from independent hoteliers to tour guides, that look set to be worst hit. In this everywoman podcast sustainable luxury travel expert, Juliet Kinsman discusses the positive impact that travel can play in empowering local economies, encouraging environmental responsibility and providing access to education for young women from rural areas – and what global travel might possibly look like – and need - post-pandemic.