Podcast: Microaggressions – tackling unconscious bias in an open working environment, with Strat House founders Melanie Welsh and Rachel Clarke

Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership
"Microagressions can be multiple levels of things and often you’re not even aware how what you’re saying will impact those around you” – Melanie Welsh and Rachel Clarke of Strat House discuss unconscious bias in the latest everywoman podcast episode


When Rachel Clarke and Melanie Welsh set up communications and strategy practice Strat House they knew they wanted to work in a new and more balanced way. The resulting innovative working practices they have put in place – from 180 days a year maximum working to “mountain time” to combat ‘always-on’ digital culture - are creating a healthier business environment that puts results behind presenteeism. At the same time, they are working to create a workplace that allows their employees to grow and challenge their own bias in a positive and proactive way to create more inclusivity. In the latest everywoman podcast episode, we talk to them about creating the ‘workplace of the future’ now - and why challenging bias, such as microagressions, is also helping to break the cycle of bias in wider communications, from messaging to algorithms.