Podcast: How Girlguiding is changing to empower girls in the modern world — with Girlguiding CEO Angela Salt

Imposter Syndrome, Personal Growth, Resilience, Confidence, Leadership

Girlguiding has been a force for female empowerment since 1910, and today it is the leading charity in the UK dedicated to girls and women. But a world where the challenges and pressures faced by young women are at once familiar but also markedly different, how does the organisation ensure it stays relevant and effective in supporting its members? We talk to CEO Angela Salt about the continued power of Girlguiding to foster resilience, self-belief and leadership skills in the next generation and in laying the foundations for them to succeed in what is still, a century on, an unequal world.


1:11 - What role does Girlguiding play in the modern world?

3:23 - Is the inherent inclusivity something that attracted you to the role?

4:14 - What are the modern and relevant skills that Girlguiding has had to embrace?

5:38 - The power of volunteers?

7:28 - What is Girlguiding Inspire?

9:08 - What are the biggest benefits of volunteering with the Girl Guides?

11:04 - How have you fostered resilience during the pandemic?

14:20 - Do you think any of the 2020 measures will have a lasting effect?

16:00 - Will online be part of the offering in the future?

18:34 - How has the idea of community expressed itself this last year?

23:00 - What is your vision for Girlguiding whilst you’re CEO?

23:55 - How will you know that you’ve succeeded?


Find out more about Girlguiding at https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/

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