Podcast: “Do you care? The question is a simple as that for business leaders” - managing director of ustwo, Nicki Sprinz, talks about how the company has closed its Gender Pay Gap

Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership
Almost six months have passed since the UK’s gender pay gap report, so for our latest podcast we talk to Nicki Sprinz, who closed the gap at her company.


Is closing the gender pay gap a question of what’s ‘possible’, or really more about a deep commitment to doing so? Design studio ustwo has closed its gender pay gap from 13% in just three years - now it is an extraordinary 4.38% in favour of women. Managing director Nicki Sprinz spearheaded the change through concerted action in areas that included management and inclusivity training, senior management hiring and pipeline strategy - and insists that to really move the needle you have to care. In this podcast episode we talk to her about her company’s inspirational achievement and what businesses need to do to take meaningful action, rather than pay lip service to pay parity.