Male Allies

We caught up with CIO of Heathrow, and upcoming everywoman in Tech Forum speaker, Stuart Birrell

Everywoman award winners on how to be a male ally

19th November is International Men’s Day. To celebrate we caught up with some of everywoman’s award-winning male allies, to see what advice they would give to men who want to improve D&I in their organisation.

International men's day November 19

In honour of International Men's Day 2019, celebrating Male Alllies, we have assembled a collection of resources that explore what it means to be a male ally and a powerful advocate for inclusion and ways to take this forward in your own life – while also encouraging it in others.

diversity experian

Jeremy Stevens is project lead on Experian North America’s diversity and inclusion initiative Humans of Experian.

Ashok Lodha Barclays India Women Business Careers

A director in the Investment Banking Division at Barclays India, Ashok Lodha is also co-chair for Win, the gender network. He is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, as well as a key driver of various mentoring initiatives within the organisation.

VP of Technical Services for EMEA at VMware, Alan Barber

We know that diversity leads to increased innovation, better talent attraction and employee engagement—and benefits the company’s bottom line too.

Ian Rand

As founding members of the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign, Barclays has tasked its male workforce with making a commitment to the advancement of women across the bank.

Ed Alford

One of the top 30 men tackling gender diversity in the UK workplace discusses his commitment to changing cultures.

In this month’s everywomanIncognito, one man shares how his mindset shifted from believing gender diversity was someone else’s problem – and now he’s championing women in his workplace.