Male Agents for Change

Paul Patterson
Paul talks about how reverse mentoring supports him to be more inclusive.
The real question is why are there not more senior women?
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Gender parity is a journey that requires both men and women to step up, both personally and professionally and remake the world.
diversity experian
Jeremy Stevens is project lead on Experian North America’s diversity and inclusion initiative Humans of Experian.
Male agents of change
We’ve all got our part to play, and it’s not going to be big step changes and silver bullets - it’s going to be practical and it’s going to be about making things ‘the norm’.
Paul Lynam
You don't have to be great to start somewhere. Just start.
Paul Lynam
The key to getting to board or CEO level is to have as many different experiences as possible.
Paul Lynam
When recruiting a senior team member, Paul Lynam looks for the three As.
Paul Lynam
As your skills and experience change, you need to change mentors as well.