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I’m a female analyst working in a male-dominated industry where I’m reminded of my gender, probably one too many times.
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Menopause can be debilitating, and result in all sorts of symptoms, such as depression, but for me it was mainly characterised by hot flushes and increasingly irregular periods, some of which were ext
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In this month’s everywoman Incognito, a trans man shares his unique perspective of having experienced sexism in the workplace from both sides.
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It wasn’t long before I noticed a different dynamic enter into our relationship. Conversations became emotive and there appeared to be some bitterness coming in. Her tone was different and abrupt.
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Before my wife became pregnant we hadn’t really discussed how childcare was going to work once we started a family. But then we had that first scan and everything suddenly became very real.
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I didn’t realise I was being bullied until I was forced to choose between my job and my health. I loved my job in recruitment.
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In this month’s everywoman Incognito, one woman shares the story of how she embarked on a career and rose to the top of her game, after years of being a stay at home mother.
A few days into my very first job, personal emails intended for my boss appeared in my inbox. I assumed it was a mistake and said nothing.
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It didn’t take long for me to recognise that what I really wanted was to be myself at work. I didn’t want to pretend to be something or someone else.