adult autism

This month’s everywomanIncognito blogger provides an inspiring and honest account of her adult diagnosis of autism, and its impact on her sense of self.


This month’s Incognito blogger is a humbling lesson in the truth of resilience, and how we can come back stronger from even the most world-upending of situations.


What is it like to manage severe anxiety in lockdown? This month’s everywomanIncognito blogger discusses one woman’s struggle to maintain her mental health during the pandemic – and the lessons she’s learned…

floating feathers

At everywoman, we talk a lot about the essential nature of female role models. For many of us, our portfolio of female role models includes our Mother, among whose many roles in our lives often include those of career advisor and guidance counsellor.

Start a new job

From the law bar to the cocktail bar to the nail bar. For this month’s Incognito columnist, ‘square one’ has been a familiar place throughout her career. But is it a failure?

Cyber bullying

This month’s Incognito blogger tells us how a new marketing strategy for her business ended in a campaign of online abuse…

Endometriosis impacts 10% of women worldwide

Endometriosis impacts 10% of women worldwide, and there is no known cure. This month’s Incognito blogger explains how debilitating living with such a painful ‘hidden’ illness can be

This month’s Incognito blog describes the devastating impact of postnatal depression.

A male employee describes the unfair treatment he receives for working part-time