In April 2016, we were given the news that my wife did not have long to live. The cancer which had started in her kidney had spread to her bone.
'It wasn’t just my sunny disposition that had gone behind a cloud – my professionalism slipped and I couldn’t work out what was happening’
It was pretty awkward - you wouldn’t normally tell that many colleagues that you’re trying for a baby, but I think it was probably the right thing to do.
resilience wellbeing
I was open to the change and applied for this particular role, but the following day word had got round, I have no idea how, and when I walked in and said, ‘Good Morning’ nobody responded.
bipolar wellbeing mental health
I have always known that something wasn’t quite right with me - from as early as my late teens, I’d say. But whenever I’d go to the doctors and try to talk about it, I would get fobbed off with answers that involved my hormones or the pill.
Hands holding up CVs
I was getting stale in my latest position until I found the everywoman workbook 'Writing a CV to get promoted.' It led me to completely refresh my CV, giving me the confidence to express my achievements and ultimately land that new role.
incognito it woman
I’m a female analyst working in a male-dominated industry where I’m reminded of my gender, probably one too many times.
menopause women health
Menopause can be debilitating, and result in all sorts of symptoms, such as depression, but for me it was mainly characterised by hot flushes and increasingly irregular periods, some of which were extremely heavy.
transgender bias sexism
In this month’s everywoman Incognito, a trans man shares his unique perspective of having experienced sexism in the workplace from both sides.