‘My GP thought that I was a hypochondriac and I even got to the point of wondering whether I was making it all up’ — in this month’s Incognito, we hear about one woman’s struggle to get diagnosed with ME, and then continue her career and fulfil her ambitions against challenging physical odds.

Hearing loss

In this month’s Incognito, a finance director talks about the challenges of trying to work with severe hearing loss she kept secret from her employers — and how she almost gave up her career as a result.

Interview technique

When an experienced hiring manager found herself on the other side of the desk as an interviewee she discovered that good practice is not always a given…and how valuable it can be to see your role from another perspective…


In this month’s Incognito, one woman talks about negotiating her career while also battling a drinking problem — and how the Covid-19 lockdown period allowed her to tackle her relationship with alcohol and finally get sober, allowing her to reclaim her life, sense of self and career.

Woman kicking off heels

“I’d really love to see a culture of understanding that success is not necessarily a corner office, but in strong relationships, in finding a sense of self-worth and the ability to be at peace with yourself.

Image of holding an elderly person's hands

World Alzheimer’s Day on 21st September raises awareness of the disease and the issues for those living with it. But family carers of those with dementia face equally testing challenges, especially if they’re working a job alongside.

Image of a ponderous woman sat at a desk

In this month’s Incognito, one woman discusses the intersectional tensions of being a first-generation British-South Asian from a low socio-economic background — and the challenges of finding balance and celebrating all parts of her identity in the wor

adult autism

This month’s everywomanIncognito blogger provides an inspiring and honest account of her adult diagnosis of autism, and its impact on her sense of self.


This month’s Incognito blogger is a humbling lesson in the truth of resilience, and how we can come back stronger from even the most world-upending of situations.