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Research conducted by everywoman shows that when women have access to role models, they feel more inspired, are more focussed on career development, more likely to be promoted, and less likely to leav
“No two days are ever the same”, “the opportunities for progression” and “the chance to leave a real legacy”.
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“Because it’s 2015!” was Justin Trudeau’s response to a journalist querying why he felt it so important to create a gender-balanced cabinet.
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What would happen if Baby Boomer Oprah Winfrey, Generation X frontman and record boss Jay-Z, UN Goodwill Ambassador and Millennial representative Emma Watson, and Burberry photographer and poster boy
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January may be grey, but February’s Tech Awards and Forum are bright lights to head for, as we finally start moving into spring.
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When it comes to leadership, in life or in business, role models come in all shapes and sizes.
Angela Davis at WOW Festival
Brought up in segregated Alabama, Davis’s commitment to her causes saw her join the revolutionary Blank Panther Party in the '60s.