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International Women’s Day calls on every woman, everywhere, to take charge of her own career progression through bold action.

As you conduct your daily business, your thinking is likely limited to the boundaries of your current workspace - the immediate priorities on your boss’s workload, the emails at the top of your inbox, the goals and deadlines needing attention right here, right now.

work-life balance

Work-life balance is a topic often discussed but seldom achieved – that’s if a study by the American Sociological Review is anything to go by, which finds that as many as 70% of adults are struggling to find a work-life system that works for them.

Every woman’s experience of returning to work after having a baby is unique to her. But there’s no doubt that social norms, parental leave laws and the attitudes of employers play a role too.

Ever since the Virgin boss penned an open letter to the younger Richard Branson as part of LinkedIn’s ‘If I were 22’ campaign, countless more influencers have been sharing the advice they’d give their former selves.

“Hillary Clinton plays to her strengths” rang the headlines, the morning after a televised debate between US presidential candidates.

With a looming skills shortage in the STEM industries, the race is on for young Emirati females to study science, maths, engineering and technology at the educational institutions now open to women.