Jill Pringle Focused Propositions
How to handle people who are difficult to influence.
Torie Chilcott Paddle Consulting
A serial entrepreneur, Torie Chilcott is the Co-founder of Paddle Consulting (Entertainment, Brand & Engagement Expert).
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Jayne Ronayne talks about setting up a business.
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In this video, Jo Stroud shares how she now has 3-month plans.
Jill Pringle
Try and maintain a chain of mentors outside of work to make sure you get a different perspective from times to times.
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In this video, Hester Larkin shares how and why she's had to adapt her personal brand and what she'd recommend to someone starting out with theirs.
Jayne Ronayne Talivest
Jayne Ronayne is CEO and co-founder of Talivest and she shares why funding was a challenge and what she did about it.
Jayne Ronayne CEO  Talivest
In this video, Jayne Ronayne talks about the most memorable thing someone has said to her.