Amanda Cullen
Women often struggle to value themselves – and the work they do - properly.
Maintaining networks
Five women from around the world share how they’ve best leveraged their budding professional relationships.

Joanna Chin on Starting out again

"If we’d planned earlier on I think the business would have grown quicker than it did but also I think it would have given more clarity around where the ultimate destination was going to be.”
A few years ago, I was at a party at a flat on the Thames with a breath-taking view of the Shard. People were fixated on it, discussing what a beautiful building it was. While I felt immense pride at...
After a career specialising in 20th century British art at Sotheby’s, it’s little wonder that Poppy Mardall set out to introduce a creative dimension to her next career step. Armed with the belief...
Having a mantra you silently repeat to yourself in stressful times not only has a motivational effect; it’s also scientifically proven to bring about a meditative mind state, in which you feel calmer,
The diverse, exciting and rapidly expanding technology industry is now home to women of every conceivable age, background, skillset and from every corner of the globe – we’re finally showing the world
Join us as we take a look at the young graduates right through to billionaire corporate leaders whose technological advances may well have already impacted on your life.
Natwest everywoman awards woman of the year 2014 karen betts on how she was determined to win our top prize and what it’s done for her business…