Jo Stroud
Setting up a business is challenging. But the sense of freedom and achievement, the personal control, and the opportunity to act quickly, more than make up for it. Go for it!
london tech week 2018 diversity
With some 300 events and over 55,000 attendees from 90 countries, London Tech Week has grown to be one of the biggest and most influential events of its kind since it first started in 2014.
pip murray nut butter
As a runner, Pippa Murray was always on the lookout for healthy things that would fill her up, give her energy for training and keep her in top shape.
Silicon States podcast role models woman tech lucie greene
The promise of Silicon Valley is bold, futuristic, and seductive, but at the same time, it is the vision of a group of privileged, white, male 30-somethings with a famously rarified outlook on life.
Gabriella Somerville ConnectJets Entrepreneurs Role Models Aviation
From cabin crew to ConnectJets, Gabriella Somerville’s journey in aviation has shown the sky is definitely not the limit for women.
age of no retirement active senior business
“Your 65-year-old self isn’t that different to your 25-year-old self” insists Jonathan Collie in this latest everywoman podcast.
brotopia emily chang
Clearly, in light of recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment, the undermining of women in the workplace, and the subsequent #MeToo movement, tech isn’t the only industry guilty of sexism a
elizabeth varley ceo founder techhub
TechHub Founder and CEO Elizabeth Varley, talks tech and diversity and about how she feels that being asked regularly about being a “woman in tech” may actually perpetuate the problem.
Sarah Wood Unruly
Unruly CEO Sarah Wood has been named one of Debrett’s 500 most influential people in Britain, and described by Baroness Martha Lane Fox as “one of the most inspiring leaders I know”.