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January may be grey, but February’s Tech Awards and Forum are bright lights to head for, as we finally start moving into spring.
Michael Keegan
everywoman Ambassador Michael Keegan talks about gender diversity in technology.
If you’ve earned a reputation as a solid, serious hard-worker, there’s no chance the new Director is going to see your creativity and sparkle. Right?
It was the largest event of its kind in Europe, attended by over 600 women in technology from across the world, presided over by key players from the most exciting and changeable industry of our...
Unconscious Bias
Do you think you’re free from making snap judgements about others based on their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or even their appearance and educational background? Think again.
It was supposed to inspire teamwork and greater efficiency, but study after study shows that the open-plan office – popularised by German workspaces of the 1950s – can in fact spell disaster for...
Yesterday at the everywoman Academy: Advancing Women in Engineering, women from the industry met to gain inspiration from role models and discuss issues facing women in the workplace
Nearly 60% of American employees, 52% of Indian workers and more than 40% of Britons report that they’ve gained weight in their current role.
What is the personal impact of hiding your true self at work? As the world celebrates National Coming Out Day this October, we’re examining the benefits - both personal, and business-focused - of an inclusive workplace.