Book of the month

Danielle Drozd confidence courage

Confidence coach and everywoman award winner, Danielle Drozd’s new book Confidence Through Courage discusses what it takes to create a confident outlook and how fear can be your best friend in personal growth.

women meeting in an office

The secret of more productive teams and better financial results lies in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, says trainer and consultant Thais Compoint. For over 18 years she has been helping companies around the world achieve just that.

Saudi Arabia Driving Women Book month

Al-Sharif not only dared to get in the driver’s seat. She had a friend record her there, along with her fierce diatribe against the cultural oppression that prevented others from doing the same.

blink malcolm gladwell power thinking

The art world is abuzz with news that a priceless, ancient artefact has been unearthed among a private collection.

Confident child raising kids terri apter

In The Confident Child, psychologist Terri Apter reveals her manifesto for raising children of both sexes to believe in themselves, setting them up for a lifetime of self-belief.

Perfumer. Beautician to the stars. Retail queen. Entrepreneur. Television star. Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. 2010 NatWest everywoman Ambassador Award winner. Jo Malone’s CV has no shortage of inspirational titles.

Living Danishly Helen Russell Happiest Country in the World Denmark

In the first of our new Book of the Month feature, we dissect the career lessons from Marie Claire editor-turned-author Helen Russell’s 'The Year Of Living Danishly: Uncovering The Secrets Of The World’s Happiest Country'.