Book of the month

gutsy girl handbook kate white

The Gutsy Girl Handbook isn’t just about big, career-changing moves; there’s as much to be gleaned about the day-to-day workings of a successful career.

Mutli-hyphen method

The digital age has created a world in which we can work wherever and whenever we want to, allowing us to design our own working lives to suit.

be more pirate

Can tales from the historical high seas make waves in today’s business environment?

origins happiness

We all know the adage that money doesn’t bring you happiness – but if not money, then what? That’s the question being asked in The Origins of Happiness: The Science of Well-Being Over the Life Course.

brotopia emily chang

Clearly, in light of recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment, the undermining of women in the workplace, and the subsequent #MeToo movement, tech isn’t the only industry guilty of sexism and misogyny.

authenticity dilemma resolved

To know what you want out of life, it helps to know yourself. Yet how many people truly know who they are and what they want to be? Most of us muddle along by making the best of things, rather than ask such fundamental, and difficult, questions of ourselves.

andy bird inspired leader

Being inspired can be a magnificent, invigorating feeling. But it's also one that we know surprisingly little about. Does it happen by chance? Are all forms of inspiration the same? Can we influence how and when we feel inspired?

J Kelly Hoey Build Dream Network

“If you’re reading this and dreading another book about how to work a room or hand out business cards while munching on chicken satay, you can relax…” says writer, connector and networking expert J. Kelly Hoey.

Words that Work say people hear Frank Luntz

The most important thing is not your message but the way your audience receives it, he says – and by using specific words strategically and tactically you can change your audience’s opinion and behaviour.