Retaining and Advancing Women in Business: A Model for Success

Retaining and advancing women in business white paper

To further understand the key challenges and drivers for women as they progress through their careers, everywoman has studied a sample of its 20,000 members and drawn on research of other leading organisations.

The white paper provides a model which - when implemented successfully - can lay a path for gender parity and, ultimately, a more engaged workforce driving greater profitability

“The most important point of all is that the industry needs you. I’ve had teams working for me that are heavily male, others heavily female, and others – like the one I have now – that are mixed. I’ve seen the difference diversity makes to the breadth of thoughts and ideas; it’s in that mix that you get the best results.”

Katrina Roberts, Vice President of Consumer and Commercial Lending Technology, American Express



Retaining and Advancing Women in Business: A model for success examines the business case for gender balance in the workplace and the subsequent financial implications of doing nothing.

Within the report key actions are outlined, that you as an individual, along with your organisation can adopt to advance and retain female talent.