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finalists announced
22 awe-inspiring women from across the UK have today been revealed as 2020 finalists in the NatWest everywoman Awards . They include environmental and sustainability disrupters, technology innovators...
Define your ambition

Are your current goals limiting, rather than driving you, threatening your wellbeing rather than nudging you out of your comfort zone, or weighing you down rather than inspiring or exciting you?

Katie Snowball, Google

What are the keys to leading a successful negotiation? What skills can you acquire to up your negotiation game? And why should you be negotiating your salary, right from your career off?

Woman kicking off heels

“I’d really love to see a culture of understanding that success is not necessarily a corner office, but in strong relationships, in finding a sense of self-worth and the ability to be at peace with yourself.

Miles Barr

WhatsApp’s engineering lead reflects on his journey to becoming a male ally — from ‘pink watches’ to understanding his role in ensuring everyone on his team has a voice at the table.  

Introvert extrovert

Are you outgoing and sociable or reserved and shy? This is how we usually differentiate between extroverts and introverts. However, the original theory behind these personality types goes much deeper.

Woman on a swing with blue sky

To survive in the digital revolution, we must be versatile, open-minded and ready to embrace change, just like our friends in the animal kingdom must adapt to their changing environment.


Tapping into that small inner voice or ‘nagging feeling’ can be a valuable way to get useful information when it comes to making decisions.

Trophies for the everywoman Transport and Logistics Awards
Celebrating the women keeping the country moving during Covid October 2020: The winners at the 2020 Amazon everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards have been announced. In an extraordinary year...