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We speak to Dame Inga Beale to find out how her early experiences of being a bisexual woman in the City led to her role as a D&I pioneer.
We talked to Anna Delvecchio, winner of the FTA 2018 everywoman in Transport and Logistics Woman of the Year Award about inspiring the next generation.
According to a new report by The People’s Pension, the gender pensions gap is more than double the size of the gender pay gap, with the average female pensioner being £7,000 a year worse off than her male counterpart.*
The conversation on ageism is gaining momentum. More stats are being revealed, such as that ageism starts at 46 in the tech industry*, and more people are speaking up – Madonna recently declared she was ‘being punished for turning 60’.
Vodafone has introduced a policy offering up to 10 days’ paid leave to its employees across the globe, as well as making specialist support available to those affected.
21st May is the United Nations’ World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. To celebrate, we take a deeper delve into how a diverse workforce helps a business to succeed.
This month’s Incognito blogger tells us how she feels it was her age – combined with her gender – that led to her job loss.
UK insurance firm to reduce working hours to allow more time for outside commitments.
The Diversity Journey – Building the Future of Logistics 2019 everywoman in Transport & Logistics finalists announced London, 13 May 2019: 46 individuals from the UK’s thriving Transport &...
Feeling tech ‘savvy’ is increasingly important in today’s workplace, but in a world that evolves so quickly, it’s easy to feel left behind. Hazel Davis investigates the best ways to give your digital skills a ‘boost’, to help with your tech confidence and your career.