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what's your story

From 21st-century blockbusters to the fairy tales we read as children, archetypes are everywhere — and they can be a valuable tool in our personal and professional development too. 

coach yourself

Professional coaching can be a powerful way to develop your career, but you can apply many of the principles to your own self-coaching practice to move yourself forward. We asked everywoman trainer Pippa Isbell for her tips on how to be your own best coach.

challenge your boss

Knowing how to cope with conflict in the workplace ‘will catapult your career like no other interpersonal skill’ says workplace expert and author Lynn Taylor — but the stakes are higher if that conflict is with your boss.


Successful businesses thrive on strong collaboration, but if you’re not seeing this in your organisation, it’s time to act, says everywoman expert Des Christofi.

psychological safety

Three experts advise an everywomanNetwork member who asks how she can better cope with a lack of psychological safety at work...

office based work

Three experts consider an everywomanNetwork member’s question around how she can overcome her anxiety and best approach the transition to hybrid working…

Pride Month

June is Pride month and a powerful time to acknowledge and reaffirm the importance of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces, and the value of everyone in your team. We’ve picked out eight great ways to celebrate Pride in a virtual or hybrid working world…

be your company's architect

It may be the promotion you’ve wished and worked for, but the rise from being the manager of a single team, section, function or department to the leader of many also opens up a brand-new chapter in your professional development.

Imposter syndrome quiz

Our data shows most women suffer from at least one form of imposter syndrome. Take our quiz to reveal the specific kind of self-doubt that could be hampering your progress — and what you can do about it… 

Thinking woman

Philosophy is the practice of asking big questions, many of which begin with ‘Why?’, and most of which don’t have one single answer. In a modern business world, the ability to appreciate multiple viewpoints, look at things from different perspectives and consider ideas with rigour are crucial.