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Which type of creative thinker are you?

Creativity isn’t just the domain of artists, writers and poets. It’s a skill we all possess and that we access and express in different ways. Take our quiz to reveal your particular creative leaning – and how you can hone it to enhance your career, whatever your job title…

7 tried and tested ways to build stronger, happier, more vibrant teams, by Facebook’s Jennifer Hunt

There’s no point decorating other people’s houses if your own is on fire! Discover how a Facebook leader creates team cultures based on collaboration, trust, friendship and happiness.

team wellbeing

What can we do to ensure we as team leaders and team colleagues get the best from each other during a time of crisis?  

Lyn Grobler
Lyn Grobler is Group CIO at Hyperion Insurance Group, responsible for delivering innovative technology to support the company’s ambitious growth plan, with a global remit encompassing over 40...
humour at work

Hold onto your sides: upon us is the month of August, otherwise known as ‘silly season’, when UK journalists despair at the lack of proper news resulting from the close of parliament and senior courts. But is there a place for a bit of silliness in your workplace?  

Lucy Douglas

In this podcast episode we talk to the editor of Positive News magazine, Lucy Douglas on the power of perspective in the media, and the importance of engaging and empowering readers and giving them reasons to be hopeful about the future.

Sarah Urist Green

Read the transcript of our everywoman book club podcast with everywoman’s Rebecca Lewis, and Sarah Urist Green, author of You Are An Artist: Assignments to Spark Creativity...  

Conducting an orchestra

As CEO and founder of Brand Symphony Marketing, Jill Pringle combines her dual passions of music and business in unexpected ways. Here, she discusses how her orchestral background has informed her marketing career, and what you can take away from her hard-won lessons.

Imposter Syndrome

Advice for overcoming imposter syndrome is usually aimed at the individual filled with doubt and feeling like a fraud.