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Nearly 8 out of 10 UK firms pay men more than women, according to new statistics – though some businesses which employ fewer men claim the figure is “skewed”
A new study, published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed that women were more likely to attain high-ranking leadership positions if they had a solid support group of other women.
Do you ever feel like you’re ‘winging it’ at work? Like you’re not quite qualified enough for the role you’ve found yourself in, and that soon – somebody’s going to realise?
The Role Building on our success with partners such as EY, Barclays, Experian. Tesco, Worldpay and many more, we are now looking for a sales professional to join the team. Ideally, the candidate will...
"Be true to yourself and don't worry about what other people think of you!"
"Pursue your dreams but do your homework and be specific as to what you want – it will be easier for others to help you."
I’ve worked in HR for 10 years and during this time have noticed that non-parents, like myself, are discriminated against, but no one’s really talking about it.
"Be clear about what you want and ask for it, but be open to opportunities and take risks… We regret the things we don’t do, we can always learn from things we do!"
Taking place the week of International Women’s Day, the awards celebrated 50 of the most talented individuals shaking up the tech industry, both in the UK and beyond.
For International Women’s Day, she talked to us about why outdated systems need to change if women are ever to thrive.