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If you struggle with goal setting, it might not just be a lack of willpower that’s causing the problem; you could be taking the wrong approach for your personality. Take our quiz to find out... 

The wellbeing quiz: how good are you at staying happy and healthy?

Life presents plenty of challenges and recent times have been no exception.

Setting goals

In an unpredictable world, the idea of having a plan can seem both pointless and precarious… Use our practical advice to help you evolve your own career and plot a positive course for your team, department or business — whatever the future holds…

Hearing loss

In this month’s Incognito, a finance director talks about the challenges of trying to work with severe hearing loss she kept secret from her employers — and how she almost gave up her career as a result.

New Chapter

You don’t always have to change jobs to change up your career; actively seeking out new perspectives and adopting new practices can help you to press the ‘reset’ button. We look at five ways to freshen up your role.

Sue Black

From setting up the first network for female computer scientists to helping save WWII code-breaking facility Bletchley Park, Sue Black’s sense of passion and purpose has driven her throughout her career.

managing change

We’re living through a time of changes — many of them unwanted — but it’s by no means the first time we’ve faced upheaval, and it won’t be the last.


Achieving a healthy work-life integration can feel like an uphill struggle – and a greater emphasis on working from home hasn’t necessarily made it any easier.

Impact report front cover

Read our Impact Report which reflects on our 21 years of work to help bring about record levels of female employment and drive down the gender gap in the workplace. 

Office Party

We all need a bit of good cheer and a festive event or two to look forward to. The traditional office party may not be possible, but there are still ways to have a good time together online.