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Image of holding an elderly person's hands

World Alzheimer’s Day on 21st September raises awareness of the disease and the issues for those living with it. But family carers of those with dementia face equally testing challenges, especially if they’re working a job alongside.

Jody Dunn

As Head of Risk for a global trading firm, Jody Dunn is boss at work but not at home, loves numbers but hates public speaking, and is lucky if she makes it to 10pm without falling asleep... 

Celebrate Yourself

Societal pressures and expectations have given rise to a self-promotion gender gap, whereby women feel significantly less at ease celebrating their achievements. Time to get comfortable with shouting about our successes... 

Creative Assignments

The team that plays together, stays together? Inject some sparks of creation into your group gatherings and reap the benefits of a more inspired, invigorated team.  

Imposter Syndrome

Empowering beliefs can open doors and allow us to maximise our potential.

Virtual meetingz

The challenges of the pandemic have brough new ways for connecting to the fore — and none more so than video conferencing.  Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom saw massive growth over lockdown, and video calls are now a mainstr

Quiz: What is your dominant learning style?

Are you mostly a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? Take our quiz to find out and discover lots of useful tips for learning smarter, not harder… 

Lifelong learning

‘Lack of time’ is commonly cited as a reason why career-enhancing learning falls down the list of priorities.

Rita Clifton

The author of Love Your Imposter reveals her celebrity crush, how her ‘sixth sense’ is her secret business weapon, and the secret ambition her mother still harbours for her... 

Image of a ponderous woman sat at a desk

In this month’s Incognito, one woman discusses the intersectional tensions of being a first-generation British-South Asian from a low socio-economic background — and the challenges of finding balance and celebrating all parts of her identity in the wor