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There’s a pay-it-forward movement that you need to be part of.
By now, we all understand the importance of the gender pay gap, but what about the other ‘gaps’ in the workplace? The imbalances that need redressing if everyone is to have an equal shot of success?
Joanna Santinon, partner, EY, is a driving force in the fight for gender equality. But it wasn’t always this way – she tells us her story.
'It wasn’t just my sunny disposition that had gone behind a cloud – my professionalism slipped and I couldn’t work out what was happening’
January isn’t the most exciting month, but it does bring a sense of rejuvenation and potential. A time to both take stock and plan ahead, and think about what we hope to achieve in the upcoming year.
Gender Gap Report
The gender gap may be narrowing – but it’s also re-opened old fault lines, as evinced by 2018’s World Economic Forum report.
It was pretty awkward - you wouldn’t normally tell that many colleagues that you’re trying for a baby, but I think it was probably the right thing to do.
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama opened up about her personal journey to becoming America’s First Lady, in a sold-out talk at the Royal Festival Hall. Now she’s announced she is ‘playing’ the 02 next April. We look at the incredible rise of the role model extraordinaire.
Feeling overworked and underpaid? You’re not alone. According to a recent survey by a US staffing company, 49% of women feel they should be getting paid more than they currently do.
Businesses require their leaders to motivate, direct and inspire workers to move the company forward. But what is effective leadership in a modern world?