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Lucy McAuliffe, 36, tells us why there’s never a dull moment in her role as Head of Passenger Security at Gatwick Airport.
The 2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report takes a comprehensive look at the companies across the globe who are doing diversity and inclusion ‘right’. We spoke to the author, 32-year-old Vessy Tasheva, about why she created the report and what we can all learn from it.
Always believe in yourself and continue to develop yourself but don’t change who you are - Be yourself always!
"Read for half an hour every day, that's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest."
"You need to demonstrate what you can contribute and what more you have to offer."
"When you’re trying to make a difference, establish who it is that cares and knock on the right doors!"
One of the most powerful women in finance, Marisa Drew, CEO of Credit Suisse’s Impact Advisory and Finance Department, is also one of the most determined to effect change, fighting for gender parity for more than 20 years. Here she talks leadership, imposter syndrome, and the work/life continuum.
The World Economic Forum 2019 took place in Davos on 22-25 January, and – in terms of gender parity – the stats were disappointing. Just 22% of attendees were women, an increase of just 1% from last year.
Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London on 6 March.
In April 2016, we were given the news that my wife did not have long to live. The cancer which had started in her kidney had spread to her bone.