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one to one

A one-to-one is a chance to review, reflect and create actionable next steps for your career — but it can also reveal a lot about your ambitions and outlook along the way. We asked six senior leaders what they wish you would really ask them when you meet — and why…

Emotional Intelligence

As artificial intelligence takes on more and more functional tasks in the workplace, leaders are increasingly relying on their ‘softer skills’ to make an impact.

Three coaches and thought leaders offer their advice to an everywomanNetwork member who is worried that she values work-life balance too much to be ambitious.

Be more authoratative

Authority is more than just the natural by-product of a job title – it means being somebody who is competent, trusted and considered credible. To have authority is to be heard, to have your status acknowledged and to have your decisions respected.

2021 NatWest everywoman Awards winners
London, 7 December 2021 : The 19th annual NatWest everywoman Awards today celebrated the UK’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs, recognising their outstanding achievements during one of the most...
Embrace Risk

Human beings do not like uncertainty — in fact, we’re hardwired to avoid it. However, a life without risk is one in which we don’t grow. So, how can you approach the unknown effectively and use it to drive yourself forward?

Quiz: What’s your workplace superpower?

Are you tuned in to what your biggest talent really is? Take our quiz for some valuable insights into what really makes you stand out in the workplace…

comfort zone

Great questions lead to great answers, so we asked six top business coaches and authors for the most powerful one to ask yourself right now — and how it can impact your career and drive you forward.

mentor relationship

Three experienced mentors give their advice to an everywomanNetwork member who wants to improve her own mentoring relationship…

passive agressive

Passive-aggressive behaviour is a deliberate way of expressing anger in a seemingly non-hostile way — and breeds mistrust and resentment in the workplace. We look at eight ways to challenge passive-aggression in yourself and others for healthier communication.