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Happy woman at laptop

What’s self-love got to do with professional success? They seem like unlikely allies, but the ability to show yourself some genuine compassion could be key to taking your career to new heights — and thriving on the way. Find out how you can cultivate it: no mantras required…  

Rear Admiral Jim Mcleod

Rear Admiral Macleod, Assistant Chief of Defence Staff Personnel Capability for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), knows about getting things done.

Kelly Devine

Mastercard launched the Strive UK programme in September 2021, with the aim of providing the nation’s micro and small businesses with access to the tools and knowledge that will allow them to thrive in the digital economy.

Good role models motivate others to be better, leading and inspiring by example. But which of your qualities really makes you a role model for others? Is it your strength, your empathy or perhaps your integrity?

Female saver

The challenges of the past 18 months have precipitated new perspectives and priorities around where individuals put their money, including increasing moves toward sustainable investment — with the potential to impact gender diversity for the better.

Presentation skills

How we convey information makes all the difference in whether the message lands and what our audience does next. So how can you make sure you’re communicating effectively in your everyday presentations? We look at five common mistakes and how to change them…

Male Allys

Drawing on a panel discussion from our 2021 everywoman Global Summit, we explore the ways in which men can do more to support diversity in the workplace — with advice from four inspiring leaders who are setting the standard.

stress less

Stress is so prevalent it can sometimes feel like an unavoidable fact of life. Whilst stress is a commonly reported feeling, especially amongst women, there are simple ways to alleviate it...

Big Picture

Three coaches offer advice to an everywomanNetwork member finding it hard to stop getting dragged into day-to-day detail and find time for strategic thinking as a new senior leader.

habitual stress

When stress is experienced in prolonged and intense ways it can lead to burnout. And when this burnout experience then becomes embedded in your life, a state known as ‘habitual burnout’, the impacts on your health, wellbeing and psychological state can be serious and damaging.