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What do you think of when you think of a traditional mentor? A teacher? Coach? Motivator? Although mentors can take on many of these roles, a good mentor is also a learner. Find out how becoming a mentor can benefit your career.

two women talking

We’re all responsible for calling our biases, but what if the person showing microaggressions is your line manager?

change someones mind

Can you change someone’s mind about you or your abilities? Yes – with these tried and tested levers to create more positive perceptions in any working relationship.

Time to reflect

An everywomanNetwork member gets some advice on how to make the case to her line manager for more reflection time in her workflow...

Ever lacked confidence articulating your views or backing up your opinions? The solution to this problem is to develop critical thinking — a business muscle that can be built up through practice...

Slow down

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, you probably know that slowing down is a good thing — helping you relax and recharge; making you happier and more resilient. But does the ‘less is more’ logic work in your professional life?

Dr Jennie Lill

A world expert on proteomics, lipidomics and next generation sequencing, Dr Jennie Lill is at the forefront of leading-edge healthcare. She discusses the importance of failure, dealing with Imposter Syndrome and role modelling work/life balance for her team.

busy lifestyle

Three business trainers give their advice to a member wanting to find more time for personal development and learning in her role – and be able to use the everywomanNetwork resources to their fullest.

everywoman in Technology Awards

Celebrating the most inspirational women in STEM.

Be your own role model

Role models can be anyone…and that includes you. Understanding the behaviours and outlooks that make impressive people who change themselves and their world for the better is the first step to embodying them yourself. Time to embrace your own self-leadership...