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Work from home during coromavirus pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it a normality for most of us to work from home. Take our quiz to find out what kind of remote worker you are and uncover top tips for getting the most out of your working life…

Alina Addison

Alina Addison is Founder of Adaptaa, an executive coaching and leadership development consultancy specialising in emotional intelligence. She shares the lessons she’s learned from her autistic son, how she’s getting her energy during the Covid-19 lockdown, and why she’s giving this

Diversity and inclusion

Head of Diversity and Inclusion for M&G, Mark McLane has led conversations at board level around diversity and inclusion for over 20 years.

Melanie Eusebe

It’s not always easy to get your voice heard above the noise. But there are some tried-and-tested tools and tricks that will help you communicate with impact.    


This month’s Incognito blogger is a humbling lesson in the truth of resilience, and how we can come back stronger from even the most world-upending of situations.

Claudia Exeler

Software Engineering Manager, Claudia Exeler leads a team building identity verification mechanisms for Facebook. Giving and receiving feedback has been central to her journey as a leader...

Roni Savage

NatWest everywoman award winner and CEO of construction company Jomas Associates, Roni Savage continues to inspire others to step up. In our latest everywomanEntrepreneur webinar, she discusses the mindset needed to successfully challenge the status quo...

Stephanie Davies

Stephanie has a background in stand-up comedy and is one of the UK’s leading voices on creating happiness in the workplace. In 2006, she founded Laughology, a learning and development consultancy that delivers programmes underpinned by the neuroscience of humour, laughter and happiness.

virtual team

How do you keep a remote team connected, motivated, productive and happy.

Tea Break Quiz: How much do you understand about power?
Did you know that birth order affects our adult relationship with power? But who uses power more wisely – elder, younger or only children? Put your knowledge of power to the test in our tea break quiz...