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incognito 40s start new business
In this month’s everywoman Incognito, one woman shares the story of how she embarked on a career and rose to the top of her game, after years of being a stay at home mother.
Confident child raising kids terri apter
In The Confident Child, psychologist Terri Apter reveals her manifesto for raising children of both sexes to believe in themselves, setting them up for a lifetime of self-belief.
woman city equality business mentor guest columnist lottie o'conor
In this month’s ‘guest columnist’ feature, journalist Lottie O’Conor reflects on the recurring issues that she covered whilst working on The Guardian’s Women in Leadership desk and offers her thoughts
At the age of 16, Rukia Hussain from Manchester took a job at her local Asda to earn money as she studied for A-Levels. Six years on, the George and GM Trading Manager is the youngest of twelve women...
brain understanding learning technology robot artificial intelligence
New technology is having a profound impact on how we acquire new skills, but scientists remain intrigued by how we make best use of that most fascinating computer of all: the brain.
international women's day diversity inclusiveness
International Women’s Day calls on every woman, everywhere, to take charge of her own career progression through bold action.
Futureproofing career building agility skills mindset
"The external force field is changing so it might be we need to take purposeful approaches to think ahead. We can learn from where we’ve been and learn from others too."
Mentoring allies diversity inclusiveness gender pay gap
“There’s a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.” When former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke these words during a 2006 keynote address, she shone a lasting s
Nominations open for the 10th 2017 Worldpay everywoman in Retail Ambassadors Programme The 2017 Worldpay everywoman in Retail Ambassador Programme has today launched its 10 th anniversary search for...
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Following the sold-out masterclass at our 2017 everywoman Forum, we are inviting all everywomanNetwork members to future proof their careers.
The winners of the 2017 Worldpay everywoman in Retail Ambassadors Programme

The Worldpay everywoman in Retail Ambassador Programme increases awareness of the diverse range of opportunities for women in retail, by shining the spotlight on role models, inspiring more women to consider a career in retail.

Tue, 12/09/2017
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A few days into my very first job, personal emails intended for my boss appeared in my inbox. I assumed it was a mistake and said nothing.
As you conduct your daily business, your thinking is likely limited to the boundaries of your current workspace - the immediate priorities on your boss’s workload, the emails at the top of your inbox,

Nicola Pattimore on a better working world

Nicola Pattimore, Group HR Director at Equiniti discusses what would make a better working world


Nicola Pattimore, Group HR Director at Equiniti discusses the importance of closing the gender pay gap.


Nicola Pattimore, Group HR Director at Equiniti discusses how role models and learning and development can have an impact on the progression of women in business.
Perfumer. Beautician to the stars. Retail queen. Entrepreneur. Television star. Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. 2010 NatWest everywoman Ambassador Award winner.
Inspire another step forward in your organisation’s drive for real and lasting change towards a better, gender inclusive working world, by downloading our resource pack today.
Speed mentoring event
With research showing that men are more likely to be mentored by senior executives than their female counterparts, it’s more important than ever that every man, woman and organisation takes bold...
everywomanClub voices of experience: being a mentor

Voices of Experience: Being a mentor

everywomanClub Voices of Experience give their thoughts on what it means to be a mentor.