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“Can you imagine living in a world without the internet? It’s become such a vital part of life for many of us that it’s difficult to think about what it was like before we got online. We recently had...
Nicola Mendelsohn
Video of Being vulnerable is a courageous act of leadership. Watch Nicola’s story as she speaks about her cancer diagnosis and opening up to her colleagues at Facebook.
Diverse Team

Three coaches and leaders offer their advice to an everywomanNetwork member looking to reduce conflict within their team and maximise the potential of its diversity…


We all want to be happy, but what that means to us as individuals is hugely subjective, and for that reason happiness can be difficult to measure. Recent research from the psychology world, however, suggests that happiness is actually the culmination of ful

Smash your Goals

Microsteps are the ‘small is beautiful’ approach to turning your life around. Find out how to make them work for you and make powerful, positive change manageable.

Inclusion quiz

There are six signature traits of an inclusive leader: qualities that help them support and develop the unique skills, abilities and knowledge of their teams and leverage them to competitive advantage.

Avoid Conflict

For women in particular, the reluctance to lean into disagreements is often greater than in men — but in trying to maintain equilibrium at all costs, you may be missing out on some of the valuable benefits that healthy conflict can bring to your interactions and career.


15% of the global workforce is ‘naturally highly agile’ — something that sees them getting promoted twice as fast as individuals with ‘low learning agility’. So how agile is your learning, and how can you dial it up to futureproof your career and become even more successful?

Jo Wimble Groves

How can we help our daughters fulfil their potential and achieve success in a challenging modern world? For Jo-Wimble-Groves, author of new book Rise of the Girl, it all starts with the conversations we have with them…