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A Network member seeks out expert advice after revealing too much about her mental health at work...

work mistakes

Women have a harder time dealing with failure at work than men — so how can you move on when you’ve made a major mistake?

financial wellbeing check

Financial knowledge goes together with empowerment. But a report into financial wellbeing in women reveals that there are marked differences in the ways and attitudes in which men and women approach this life skill — and a gender advice gap still to fill.

Financial wellbeing

As financial consultants for Morrinson Wealth, Vas Babieu and Jo Dean know the importance of creating a strong financial strategy. They let us in on the things they wish more women knew about their finances in order to take control and strengthen their position.

Melanie Eusebe Financial Wellness And How To Find It

We spoke with the founder of Money Moves about her strategies for financial wellness, and the number one rule she swears will have the biggest positive impact on women’s lives and wellbeing.

Financial planning - nest egg

16:00 22/06/2022

Join this webinar where experts Jo Dean and Vas Babeiu will uncover why it’s especially important that women save, and some of the key life events that can impact your financial health.

workplace loneliness

Good relationships are intrinsic to our psychological health — without meaningful or supportive connections at work we can feel isolated, excluded or even imposter syndrome. So, how can you mitigate any loneliness you’re feeling in your work life?


Learning and development are crucial to us fulfilling our career potential, but how many of us are guilty of pushing it to the back of the line when life and work get busy? So how can you pave the way to healthier habits around your L&D?

nervous presenter

Glossophobia, or fear of public speaking, is one of the most common workplace anxieties. This simple cognitive strategy can help make you a more effective presenter...

negotiate your salary

Listen to this on-demand practical webinar on how to take the fear out of the process and create a strong business case to help you achieve the salary you deserve.