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Torie Chilcott Paddle Consulting
A serial entrepreneur, Torie Chilcott is the Co-founder of Paddle Consulting (Entertainment, Brand & Engagement Expert).
Suzanne Oliver
Even though you might feel sick at first, it's very important to step out your comfort zone.
Paul Lynam
You need to work out what needs to be done every three years, in advance.
Nenna Ilomechina
Nnenna Ilomechina shares how affirmations boost her confidence.
Jayne Ronayne
Jayne Ronayne talks about setting up a business.
anne mckenning
It must be amazing to know all the answers and know exactly what you're doing at work...
Alexis Rose
Alexis Rose talks about why it's important to bounce back from disappointment.
wellbeing resilience
Wellbeing depends on having strong boundaries but so often we are not clear on what they should be and why they're important.
and breathe
Whether you lack public speaking confidence and want to know how to get it or you’re comfortable speaking in public and just keen to finesse your presentation, there’s plenty in the blogosphere to hel