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suzanne oliver arm shyness
Suzanne Oliver talks you through the reasons why it's important to have a personal brand as a leader in an organisation.
Julie Hesselgrove careers role models
Having clear objectives, short-term goals and a network of colleagues will support you to succeed.
Sarah Greasley CTO Direct Line everywoman Role Models
Sarah Greasley talks you through the importance of work-life balance.
Monika Biddulph ARM Networking evreywoman Role Models
Monika Biddulph talks you through the importance of being self-aware.
debrah dhugga dukes hotels mentoring leadership
As Managing Director of Dukes Hotels, five-star properties in London and Dubai, Debrah Dhugga has been voted among the top 100 business women in the hospitality industry.
london tech week 2018 diversity
With some 300 events and over 55,000 attendees from 90 countries, London Tech Week has grown to be one of the biggest and most influential events of its kind since it first started in 2014.
Jayne Ronayne, CEO and Co Founder of Talivest
Ensure you are surrounded by the right people who will support you and encourage you.
Thirteen inspirational role models in the UK’s transport and logistics industry were announced as winners in the 2018 FTA everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards.
Val Risk Fujitsu everywoman role models
In this video, Val Risk explains why the strongest and loudest are not those who last long in business.
Susan Allen networking santander
In this video, Susan Allen gives you tips to minimise the risk in a challenging situation by taking advice.