How prepared are retail organisations for the future?

How prepared  are retail organisations for the future?

What one key trend did retail employees state was the most significant for their organisations’ future, yet is one that few feel entirely prepared for? How do retail employees prefer to learn? What factors are important for organisations to align learning needs with their gender diversity strategy? In our research paper, business, HR and L&D leaders will discover the answers to these questions and more.


This study will be of particular to interest to:

  • Retail industry leaders who want to understand how their organisations’ future-readiness is currently perceived by their employees;

  • Business leaders seeking to ascertain how well prepared their workforces are to face well-documented future challenges;

  • HR leaders who can benefit from insight into the specific training areas deemed as most beneficial by their employees;

  • L&D experts requiring insight into the appetite for learning among their colleagues, and in which formats that learning is best received.


“It’s an ever changing field and I'm unsure that anyone would ever be completely prepared.”

That’s how one retail employee answered the question: How prepared are both you and your employer for the challenges facing an industry whose future is characterised by change?

While there may be no such thing as future proofing where the ever-changing retail sector is concerned, everywoman wanted to know: are organisations taking steps to ensure that they – and their workforces – are as future ready as they can be to respond to inevitable disruption?

The results of our research amount to a fascinating insight into how retail employees perceive both their employers’ readiness to face future trends, as well as their own individual preparedness to rise to the challenges ahead. Not least is the impact technology has on customer expectation around online purchasing and in-store experiences. Not only are shop representatives being challenged from a knowledge and expertise standpoint, but entire workforces are having to adopt agile methodologies in order to ensure they are ready and able to respond to disruptive forces.


Key insights include:

  • The continued rise of e-commerce is perceived by retail employees as the single most significant trend impacting retail for the foreseeable future, yet only 50% say the organisation they work for is completely prepared to face this particular challenge.

  • There is an enormous appetite for learning and development among retail staff, particularly in the area of technology, which 93% of survey respondents said would be beneficial for their continued success.

  • Online learning is the preferred method of training for nearly four in ten retail employees. Formal mentoring or coaching is also a popular mechanic, with 16% of individuals saying it’s their preferred way to receive professional training.


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